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Latest Audio Meditations

Mental Health For Adults Guided Meditation

With all of the uncertainty and confusion today, here is a meditation to help...
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4 Minute Reboot Guided Meditation

Sometimes we just need a few minutes of focused meditation to clear our minds...
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Resolve Your Fear Of The Unknown

Resolve your fear of the unknown by seeing uncertainty with a different perspective.
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Elevate Your Frequency To LOVE

Elevate Your Frequency To LOVE Guided Meditation
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Peaceful Forest – Zen-Like Meditation Music (no voice)

Meditate to this symphony of forest sounds, including a babbling brook, birds chirping, and...
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10 Minutes to Clear Negative Energy With Soft 1Hz Delta Waves

This is a guided audio meant to help you remove negativity from your life....
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Anti-Stress Body Scan

Release stress while you examine your entire body with this guided meditation.
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Travel Inwards Guided Journey

This guided meditation will help you have a spiritual experience of the highest magnitude,...
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Train Sleep Journey Meditation

Fall asleep to the soothing sound of a train rolling down the tracks.
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Latest Blog Posts

Heal Your Life in the Dreamtime with Robert Moss

We all have the capability — like the Indigenous shaman — to look to our dreams to better our lives, says bestselling author and dream shaman Robert Moss. You stand at the edge of this power when you remember your dreams, wake up to what’s going on in them, and take action to embody their healing energy and divine guidance.

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Science: Truth or Lies?

As we all grapple with the covid outbreak and try to figure out what it all means, there is clearly a lot of conflicting information circulating around. Amid all the confusion, don’t forget to think for yourself.

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Human Power

The Greatest Human Power

Will power is a concept that is often misunderstood.  We think of will power as the power to resist urges, like having a cigarette, or drinking that second cup of coffee.  When we ponder a little deeper, willpower is something much greater, indeed, it is the greatest human power.

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Mindfulness & Meditation Summit

On May 19 – 22, 2020, this heart-centered gathering will feature more than 25 incredible dharma teachers — including Pamela Weiss, Suzanne Bryant, Dr. Nitin Ron, Mark Coleman, James Baraz, Ruth King, Amma Thanasanti, La Sarmiento, Dr. Larry Ward, and many more.

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