How To Feel Good – Step 1

The first step toward feeling good is to learn to pay attention to our emotions. Some of our emotions are instinctual and necessary for survival, however, in today’s age of social media, news media, workplace politics, family issues, and a million other things, staying in control of our emotions is harder than ever.


Three Bits Of Zen

Alan Watts’ book The Way Of Zen is a classic. Here are a few bits of wisdom I’ve already picked up from reading his book:


Qigong Mastery With Dr. Roger Jahnke

On Wednesday, December 16, Roger will demonstrate how Qigong is not just exercise or movement, but a convergence of exercise, somatics, breathwork, and mindfulness — a holistic, personal practice that you can do without leaving home.


Quick 7 Minute Chakra Tune Up

In this short video by Temple Sounds, you can use the frequencies of Tibetan singing bowls to quickly cleanse and tune all 7 Chakras. For a more in depth “Spinning Chakra” technique, try this video also by Temple Sounds, performed outside by an ancient Redwood tree.


Enneagram Global Summit 2020

Now in its seventh year, The Enneagram Global Summit is a testament to the power of the Enneagram. Participants all over the world have shared their experience of enormous and sometimes unprecedented shifts in their lives and relationships, enabling them to make valuable contributions to their communities.

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