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How to Balance Appearance and Reality

Posted on Balanced Lifestyle, Balanced Mind and Soul | August 18, 2014 |

By guest author Traci Lawrence

What is the difference between Appearance and Reality?

According to,

appearance [uh-peer-uh ns] – the state, condition, manner, or style in which a person or object appears; outward look or aspect.

reality [ree-al-i-tee] – the state or quality of being real; something that exists independently of ideas concerning it.

Reality is fact while appearance is perception. For example:

  • The clown in the image to the right appears slender in the mirror, but he is overweight in reality.
  • A small dog may appear to be cute and cuddly while the reality may be that it has a bad temper. (I remember when a small dog chased my young daughter down the block while he was barking and snarling.)
  • An actor may appear to be as confident and tough as the character he is playing while the reality may be that he is shy, or reserved. (Clint Eastwood is a good example.)
  • A generously-sized student may also appear to be confident and tough while the reality may be that he lacks confidence in the classroom. (The movie, The Blind Side, is a good example.)

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For the Ladies: Tips for Finding a Happy, Healthy Relationship

Posted on Balanced Relationships | August 6, 2014 |

By guest author Christina Moore

Of all the different problems we can have in the various areas of our lives, anything in the love department can really do a number on us emotionally. It is the rare person who doesn’t crave a healthy, loving relationship with someone with whom you can build a life together. Wanting this, and not having it can be distressing to say the least.

The failed relationships and bad dates fill us with despair, and we are convinced we will be alone forever. But, you can find that great relationship—it is not something reserved for a special few. You deserve it just as much as anyone else. But, to turn things around, you have to be willing to do a little self-reflection, and perhaps do things a bit differently than you have been.

Here are just a few helpful tips for finding that happy relationship:

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7 Healthy Ways to Use Your Lunch Hour

Posted on Work/Life Balance | July 29, 2014 |

By guest author Adrienne Erin

Did you know there are more healthy choices to make at lunchtime than whether to eat a salad or McDonald’s? Good health isn’t just about your physical needs, but consists of your mental and emotional needs as well.

Your lunch break is your opportunity to relax and forget about work, and you can do this in many different ways. Try the following ideas to relieve that work-related tension in the span of an hour.

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How To Create The Perfect Retreat For Your Mind, Body & Soul

Posted on Balanced Lifestyle, Balanced Mind and Soul | July 15, 2014 |

By guest contributor Nicole Robins

Regardless of your age and religious beliefs, everyone has to understand that keeping your mind, body and soul in check is the best way to live a stress-free lifestyle. Nobody wants to feel worked up all the time, and so it’s important that we all try to create the perfect retreat within our own homes. Of course, there are many different ways of achieving this. We’re going to concentrate on your bedroom more than anything else today, but you can take the advice and apply it to another area if you feel the need.

Firstly, you’ll need to take the size of your room into consideration. It needs to be large enough for both you and your partner to spread out and relax. If it’s not, perhaps it might be a good idea to take your relaxation times on a rota. That way, you’ll never begin to feel claustrophobic. After that, all you need to do is follow the advice listed below.

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7 Unhealthy Habits You Didn’t Know You Had

Posted on Balanced Body, Balanced Nutrition | July 1, 2014 |

By guest author Adrienne Erin

So you’ve been doing all the right things: you’ve been exercising regularly, steering clear of fatty foods and you have a good skincare regime. But somehow when you look in the mirror, you still see more of a “before” than an “after” picture.

Your first inclination might be to boost your diet and exercise plan, but before you start slashing calories and signing up for boot camp classes, you might want to make sure some seemingly harmless habits aren’t holding you back. After all, staying healthy is hard enough even when you aren’t sabotaging yourself. Here are seven subtly unhealthy habits that might be holding you back.

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