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6 Foods that Make You More Productive

Posted on Balanced Nutrition | February 7, 2014 |

By guest author Adrienne Erin

You may not realize it, but making better choices at the breakfast, lunch and dinner table can help you be more productive. By making some changes to your daily intake, you can easily become more alert, focused and effective throughout the day. There’s a variety of foods that have the ability to give you these advantageous boosts, assist the flow of blood to the brain, bring additional oxygen to the brain or sharpen your body’s internal actions. Some of these foods include:

  • Fish
  • Blueberries
  • Dark chocolate
  • Eggplant
  • Citrus fruit
  • Dark greens

Let’s look at each of the benefits and why they occur.

boost your productivity with these foods

Balance it more »

New Year’s Resolutions that Actually Work

Posted on Balanced Lifestyle | January 8, 2014 |

By guest author Jessica Socheski

New Year’s resolutions have become something of a sad joke with the proverbial “lose weight” and “become a better person” faithfully promised each year and usually abandoned around January 27th. This may be, reports CNN, because New Year’s goals tackle the surface when there are often underlying motives for the repetitive resolutions we make each January.

“When people resolve to ‘lose weight,’” explains Dr. Amy Crawford-Faucher of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, “they are actually saying, ‘I want to feel and look better.’” This opens up a new way to look at resolutions. Rather than making weight loss a main goal, focus on the real hopes behind the resolutions.

A Better Goal than Weight Loss

Instead of focusing on losing 20 pounds in 2014, make a big picture goal of being more healthy and happy in the New Year. Chances are that weight loss will be just one side affect of focusing on your personal wellness. This is a much more positive goal that incorporates a number of important activities like:

  • Eating more vegetables
  • Going for weekend walks
  • Drinking more water
  • Choosing fresh meals
  • Finding more opportunities to enjoy life and experience happiness
  • Focusing on one of the 101 healthy habits every week of the year

Wider positive goals will prove more motivating in the long run and help you to stick with them more consistently and for a longer period. This is because if you step on the scale and have gained a pound, you are not necessarily failing at your resolution. Thus, it is less tempting to just quit. Balance it more »

How To Break Out of a Stress Epidemic

Posted on Balanced Lifestyle, Work/Life Balance | November 13, 2013 |

By guest author Eve Pearce

The world is becoming more driven. The more we have, the more we want, and economic downturn means that we have to work a lot harder to get it. A culture in which work ethic is hyped and personal time denigrated means that many are expected to put in a lot of unpaid extra work or risk falling out of line with the company ethos. It seems that large numbers of people are flailing under the weight of all this pressure, and failing to strike the healthy life balance. Consequently, they suffer from toxic levels of stress, which can be greatly harmful to health.

Stress is an enormous problem in the Western world, exacting a heavy toll, and growing all the time. Chronic stress brings with it numerous problems. Stress is directly linked to depression and heart disease. It also worsens factors which cause poor health – such as robbing people of sleep, which has damaging long term effects.

Stress also has a tremendous emotional impact, rendering sufferers fraught and irritable. This makes them more prone to interacting negatively with others, and can have serious consequences for relationships.

Despite all this, a prevailing culture of ignoring stress and continuing with a lifestyle regardless of the trauma it is causing means that many fail to address the problem. However, those who do choose to tackle their stress will reap the benefits. Not only will they find their own quality of life vastly improved, they will also improve their relationships, and the quality of life of those who have to interact with them. They may even find that their productivity is increased through a new enthusiasm for their lives and work. Here are some ways in which stress can be addressed and combated. Balance it more »

4 Things You Need to Get Used to Saying If You Want to Thrive In Life

Posted on Balanced Lifestyle | October 17, 2013 |

By guest author Eduard Ezeanu

I believe that a key aspect of thriving in life is being able to manage your transactions with others effectively. You want to interact with other people in a way that creates meaningful relationships without generating pointless complications.

In this equation, making 4 key statements is habitually required. In my experience as a confidence coach, many people are not able to make these 4 statements confidently; and they often shun from making them, which ends up working against them.

You probably avoid making them as well. Nevertheless, it’s imperative that you use these statements whenever it’s suitable. And by using them over and over again despite the fact it feels uncomfortable, you will become acclimatized to them and using them will become easy.

This being said, here are the 4 things you need to get used to saying if you want to thrive in life.

1. Saying “No”

Your resources are limited. Whether it’s time, energy, attention or money, you only have so much of them.

The demands on your resources from other people around you can easily overwhelm your resources. From the beggar on the street asking for some change, to the friend asking you to help him paint his living room in the weekend, you get all sorts of requests every day. Balance it more »

Score a Free Fitness Outfit and Get Ready for a Health Challenge

Posted on Balanced Body, Balanced Lifestyle | September 26, 2013 |

By Anastasiya Goers

Arabesque on the Inlet wearing Ellie

What does a fitness outfit have to do with balanced living?

Health is one of the essential components of balanced living whether you put it at the top of your priority list or not. And an active lifestyle is one of the most practical ways to bring more balance into your life.

After years of searching for the ultimate life balance equation I realized that mindful fitness is my “secret” tool in finding inner peace and harmony. That’s the first thing that I recommend to anyone looking for life balance because it offers numerous benefits for mind, body and soul.

Whether you are already pretty active or are still struggling to find time and motivation for exercise I invite you to explore the benefits of an active lifestyle. And why not explore those benefits in style?
As I am writing this article I have two precious 5-months-old girls napping in their rocking chairs near me. My 5-year-old girls (also twins) are in kindergarten right now learning and exploring the world of science, math and reading. The picture that you see at the top of this article is the one of me wearing my favorite Ellie outfit and taken just a couple of weeks ago (4 months after my second set of twins was born.)

If I were looking for an excuse to forget about exercise then I would have had a mile-long list of those. Yes, being a mother of 4 kids definitely shifted my priorities and taught me to be more lenient in many areas. There were a lot of things that became unimportant to me after becoming a mother but a healthy lifestyle wasn’t one of them. The way I treat my body sets an example for my girls to follow. And of course, I want the very best for them! Balance it more »

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