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Pilates for Abs Video – Strengthen Your Core, Flatten Your Tummy in Just 20 Minutes

Posted on Balanced Body | June 7, 2014 |

By Anastasiya Goers

Summer for most of us means beach trips, pool parties and picnics. I love all of them but there was time in my life when I tried to find every possible excuse to skip a trip to the beach or pool.
I was extremely self-conscious about the way I looked and didn’t feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit or any tight top. I’ve never been extremely heavy but my midline has always been my problem spot. Any time that I gain even a pound this weight settles right around my waist like a mushy fluffy doughnut.

Trying to find a “cure” for my muffintop I tried every possible form of exercise including doing obscene numbers of crunches (200 sit-ups every day was my norm for a while.) Considering the time and effort that I put into flattening my stomach my results were really unimpressive (in fact, I ended up with chronic lower back pain and had to stop any form of physical activity for a while.)

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7 Ways to Get Your Stress Levels in Check

Posted on Balanced Lifestyle | May 28, 2014 |

By guest author Adrienne Erin

If you find yourself pulling out your hair or breaking your pencil in half, you might have a problem. High stress levels can cause a multitude of problems from drug and alcohol abuse to health problems like heart disease and high blood pressure. You hear about exercise and meditation as means to manage stress, but who has time for that? Going to the gym and meditating require time investments that you can’t always fit into your schedule.

There is hope, however! There are many ways to handle stress that doesn’t involve large time commitments, but helps to keep your stress levels manageable, anyway. Here are seven things to think about that might help you avoid that overwhelmed, out-of-control feeling that high stress levels bring.

1. Acknowledge the Pressure

Most of the time, when we feel stressed, it comes from someone or something that is putting a lot of pressure on us either to complete a task or to succeed at something. Acknowledging where that pressure is coming from can be a big help in getting your stress levels to a manageable point. Is it your boss, your colleagues, friends or family?

It could be your spouse or even society as a whole. The next time you feel stressed, take a moment to evaluate where the expectations are coming from and if they are expectations that you actually need to meet. If not, let it go!

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How to Practice Good Nutrition and Yoga on a Budget

Posted on Balanced Body, Balanced Lifestyle, Balanced Nutrition | May 19, 2014 |

By guest author Susan

Most of us want to eat healthier and make time for exercise in our every day lives, but with time and money at a premium, these priorities sometimes get put on a back burner in favor of fast food, prepackaged snacks, and commuting to and from work, school, and activities. Yoga is a great way to incorporate more movement and meditation into your life, and adopting healthier eating habits and nutrition have long and short term health benefits. Committing to good nutrition and some daily exercise like yoga, doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. With a little organization, you can eat better and adopt a regular yoga practice on any budget.

yoga on a budget

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Why It’s Bad For Your Health To Have An Unhealthy Work-Life Balance

Posted on Work/Life Balance | May 16, 2014 |

By guest contributor Nicole Robins

It is no secret that most people lead extremely busy lives these days. In fact, it is often hard to find people that don’t stay behind at work or bring their work home with them on a regular basis!

One case in point is a relative of mine, she consistently brought her work home with her, even though she started an hour early and left an hour later than she was supposed to each night!

Some people might think that she was rather slow at her work if she had to do this, but, in fact, she often had to do two or even three people’s jobs at her workplace!

She recently had a baby, and even though she is meant to be on maternity leave looking after her newborn baby, her workplace is still hassling her with questions that they already know the answers to!

is your life all work and no life?

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Fake It ‘Til You Make It: Being a Morning Person

Posted on Balanced Lifestyle | April 29, 2014 |

By guest author Adrienne Erin

We all know those people; the ones who wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to take on the world at 6 or even 5 A.M. with or without that cup of coffee. According to recent research, people who wake up early are not only more pleasant to interact with, but they also have more self-satisfaction, happiness and better overall health than their peers who snooze their mornings away. This makes sense when you consider that people, who are early birds by nature, are actually in sync with the time schedules the working world requires of us.

So yes, although it would be wonderful to live in a world like the Jetsons’ and have a hyperloop that takes us from home to work almost instantly, there are still things you can do to make yourself a more productive morning person. If you want to have more pep in your step in the A.M., here are some:

learn to be a morning person

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