A Vision For Conscious Planetary Governance

Many of the world’s existing institutions and social structures are beginning to transform. Across nearly every category, power is moving from the center of the system to the edges. Under the old paradigm we were working under a “pyramid” shaped societal control structure with the majority of power concentrated at the top. It looked something

Awakening Spirituality

Why Study “Woo Woo” Spirituality?

“Woo woo” is a term that rationalists and scientists might use, jokingly, to refer to anything that cannot be seen with the eye or proven by science. Here’s why you should study it anyway.


3 Point Plan To World Peace

World peace is not something that happens or doesn’t happen, it is a process we work toward as humanity matures and evolves into a fully awakened species. Here is a 3 point plan that will move us toward peace.

Life Purpose Life Purpose

Identifying Your Life Purpose Amid A World Of Distraction

What Is Your Life Purpose? Your life purpose is that which aligns with the core element of your higher or true self.  Our mission in life is not to “find” our true self, but to “be” our true self. All of us are born with certain characteristics that make us different from everyone else.  This

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