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Test the boundaries of your human potential. Learn how spirituality and science are converging to offer a brand new understanding of consciousness, reality, and self-empowerment.


Mystics Summit 2021

The Mystics Summit 2021 features more than more than 40 scholars, teachers, contemporary mystics — including Krishna Das, Mirabai Starr, Matthew Fox, Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Imam Jamal Rahman, Alexander John Shaia, Andrew Harvey, China Galland, and many others — as they lead you through the lives and times of ancient mystics, their “ordinary heroism,” and lessons you can apply in these tumultuous times.


Ayurvedic Wisdom & Modern Science With Dr. John Douillard

On Wednesday, January 27, Dr. John Douillard, DC, CAP, a recognized leader in the fields of natural health and Ayurveda, will share how this ancient approach to medicine can help you shift physical and emotional patterns that can lead to weak digestion, shallow breathing, poor sleep, chronic pain, and degenerative disease — all obstacles to graceful aging and longevity.


Shamanic Journeying With Sandra Ingerman

On Wednesday, January 20, world-renowned shamanism teacher Sandra Ingerman will help you discover how to cultivate deep, truly reciprocal relationships with the beings of the natural world… for your healing and theirs.


Breathwork Summit 2021

The much-loved Breathwork Summit 2021 reveals the science, art, and power of full-spectrum breathing… as our extraordinary speakers share simple, yet deep breathwork practices to move you from stress, stagnation, and depletion into easeful states infused with vitality, alertness, and greater joy in life.


Qigong Mastery With Dr. Roger Jahnke

On Wednesday, December 16, Roger will demonstrate how Qigong is not just exercise or movement, but a convergence of exercise, somatics, breathwork, and mindfulness — a holistic, personal practice that you can do without leaving home.


Enneagram Global Summit 2020

Now in its seventh year, The Enneagram Global Summit is a testament to the power of the Enneagram. Participants all over the world have shared their experience of enormous and sometimes unprecedented shifts in their lives and relationships, enabling them to make valuable contributions to their communities.


Energy Medicine & Healing Summit 2020

We’re thrilled to invite you to join 35 of today’s highly sought-after teachers, doctors and healers — including Dr. Sue Morter, Rollin McCraty, Dr. Marie Mbouni, Robert Peng, Lisseth Makhael, Dr. Judith Orloff, Donna Eden, Jean Haner, and others — bringing to light the curative and evolutionary powers of a wide range of proven energy practices!

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