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Guided meditations that help you sleep.

Early Riser Affirmations

When you wake up early, you have the opportunity to be productive while other people are still asleep. These affirmations will help you embrace being an early riser. Enjoy!

Delta Waves Astral Projection Meditation

Delta waves are known to induce deep sleep and relaxation. Combined with this relaxing astral projection guided meditation, you'll be able to have an incredible astral projection experience.

Pure Delta Waves

Delta waves are often used for deep sleep. Enjoy this long sound track which will allow you to experience deep relaxation and enhance your creativity.

The Gift of Sleep: Peaceful Background Music

This guided meditation will allow you to relax deeply and enjoy one of our greatest gifts: The gift of sleep. The gift of being able to nourish your body and replenish your energies every night.

Affirmations for Deep Sleep With Delta Waves

Enjoy these 30 affirmations for helping you sleep deeply. Repeat these affirmations constantly to let go of your negative thoughts and emotions before you go to bed, while reminding you that life is a miracle. Enjoy!