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Guided meditations that help you sleep.

Forest of Dreams: Audio to Sleep Deeply

Relax as you listen to this relaxing audio. Breathe deeply and close your eyes, as you visualize a forest of dreams. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Listen to this audio before bed for having amazing dreams.

Astral Projection with 1.0Hz Delta Waves and Relaxing Music

Embark on an astral projection journey with this relaxing guided meditation. Delta waves are associated with deep sleep and will help you relax so astral projection becomes easier. Wearing headphones while listening to this audio is recommended.

Body Scan Meditation For Deep Sleep

This guided meditation will allow you to focus on every area of your body as you drift on to deep sleep.

Make sure play this audio when you're ready to go to bed. It also comes with soft delta waves for best effects.


Guided Meditation for Dream Recall

If you often have trouble remembering your dreams, then this guided meditation will help you. Make sure to listen to it before sleep for best results.

Powerful Affirmations for Dealing With Insomnia

If you suffer from insomnia, or you have trouble sleeping through the night, then these affirmations will help you. Finally start sleeping soundle and wake up feeling refreshed. If you want to see great results, make sure to repeat these affirmations often. Enjoy.