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Guided meditations that assist with lucid dreaming and astral travel.

Lucid Dreaming Guided Meditation

Program your mind to start lucid dreaming by listening to this powerful guided meditation. 

It comes with relaxing background music to help you get into a state where lucid dreaming is possible.

If you've never experienced lucid dreaming before, you will be shocked at how powerful it can be.


Lucid Dreaming Adventure: Body Relaxation

Relax completely as you listen to this audio. Have a lucid dreaming adventure in which you go through your entire body, relaxing each of your muscles one by one. Comes with relaxing delta waves.

Lucid Dreaming Body Scan: Complete Body Relaxation

Have an amazing lucid dreaming experience in order to scan your entire body. Surrender to the voice of your guide, as she instructs you how to perform the body scan. Make sure to wear headphones for best effects.