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For the Ladies: Tips for Finding a Happy, Healthy Relationship

By guest author Christina Moore Of all the different problems we can have in the various areas of our lives, anything in the love department can really do a number on us emotionally. It is the rare person who doesn’t crave a healthy, loving relationship with someone with whom you can build a life together. [...]

7 Daily Habits to Make More Time For Relationships

By guest author Dorothy Hunter Busy people think they don’t have time to eat. They also think that they have no time to sleep. If they can’t even eat or sleep, they definitely don’t have time for nurturing their relationships. It’s across the board, too. It’s not just between married couples but even between a [...]

Creating Meaningful Relationships In An Online World

By guest author Kimberley Laws What do your online connections mean to you? Are they simply a source of “likes” on your blog, endorsements on LinkedIn, and great material to share on Google+? Or do you perceive them to be something much more valuable—friends? Or do you perceive them to be something much more valuable—friends? [...]

How to Keep Balance between Career and Family

There are many people who have successful careers, stable marriages, happy kids and who at the same time look good, find time for everything and are not stressed out.

I always admired them and wondered how on earth did they manage to do it? Many of us have much less responsibility and still feel tired, stressed and not always cope with the situation.

Just Married! A New Life, a New Balance

I got married two months ago. For a while, married bliss felt no different from our previous life for we had been living together for two years already prior. However, a recent conversation made me realize how marriage brings about a new balance between the couple, especially in terms of communication and financial management.

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