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New Year’s Resolutions that Actually Work

By guest author Jessica Socheski New Year’s resolutions have become something of a sad joke with the proverbial “lose weight” and “become a better person” faithfully promised each year and usually abandoned around January 27th. This may be, reports CNN, because New Year’s goals tackle the surface when there are often underlying motives for the [...]

How To Break Out of a Stress Epidemic

By guest author Eve Pearce The world is becoming more driven. The more we have, the more we want, and economic downturn means that we have to work a lot harder to get it. A culture in which work ethic is hyped and personal time denigrated means that many are expected to put in a [...]

4 Things You Need to Get Used to Saying If You Want to Thrive In Life

By guest author Eduard Ezeanu I believe that a key aspect of thriving in life is being able to manage your transactions with others effectively. You want to interact with other people in a way that creates meaningful relationships without generating pointless complications. In this equation, making 4 key statements is habitually required. In my [...]

Score a Free Fitness Outfit and Get Ready for a Health Challenge

By Anastasiya Goers What does a fitness outfit have to do with balanced living? Health is one of the essential components of balanced living whether you put it at the top of your priority list or not. And an active lifestyle is one of the most practical ways to bring more balance into your life. [...]

Living the Life of Your Dreams: Is It Difficult or Not?

By guest author Ion Doaga What dreams are you following? Is it wealth, limousines and mansions? Or is it a much humbler dream of having fewer worries, spending more time with the family, and finally living a balanced life? Well, let me tell you a little story … Finding my dream wasn’t a bed of [...]

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