The Heart of the Rose Exercise

Robin Sharma wrote about a very interesting exercise for clearing the mind called the Heart of the Rose. To perform the exercise, all you need is a rose and to be in a silent, relaxing place. Start to stare at the center of the rose, its heart. Focus all your attention on the rose. Notice […]

The Mind is a Great Servant, but a Terrible Master

“The┬ámind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master”. It’s very easy for our minds to just keep doing whatever has worked in the past, even if it doesn’t work now. It’s very easy for our minds to become distracted with social media, TV shows, magazines, ads and mindless chatter… What is difficult and rewarding […]

My Sister Has Schizophrenia (And How Meditation and Energy Healing Helps Her)

My sister was diagnosed with Schizophrenia about a decade ago. I’m sad because I know that no matter how much we help her, it will be very difficult for her to reach her full potential as a human being. You’ll see, my goal has always been to inspire people and help them reach their full […]

About Biofeedback Meditation

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite meditation techniques that is not only easy, but can have a dramatic effect on how your body reacts to the environment. It’s called biofeedback meditation. It’s the process of becoming aware of various physiological functions so you can influence or alter them. A common […]

“Rule your mind or it will rule you” Quote

Buddha once said, “rule your mind, or it will rule you”. Although Buddha said this quote thousands of years ago, it’s as relevant today as ever. With so many distractions… so many notifications… so many ads and messages struggling for our attention, it’s more important than ever to rule our minds and stay focused on […]

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