While “world peace” sounds like a pipe dream, and while it appears world conflicts are ongoing, I believe each one of us can play a role in achieving world peace by recognizing major areas of conflict and working toward resolution.  World peace is not something that happens or doesn’t happen, it is a process we work toward as humanity matures and evolves into a fully awakened species.

As awakened conscious creator beings, we can literally “dream up” the changes we would like to see in the world to some degree or another. We do this by establishing the ideas in our imagination and focusing on them – not with egoistic desire or fear-based attachment, but with a calm sense of knowingness and acceptance that our wishes are in the process of being fulfilled.

As we foster inner peace, we also create “outer” (world) peace, because the macrocosm of our life experience directly reflects the microcosm of our inner experience.

Although I could list a dozen or more areas of conflict that could be improved, here are the top three areas I prefer to focus on, fully anticipating that world peace will unfold naturally and effortlessly as a result.

1. Clean Energy

Let’s move from relying on fossil fuel based energy to using cleaner, renewable energy sources. While many people are working on “free energy” systems, and that would be ideal, I would be quite content to see our planet rely entirely upon clean and renewable energy in my lifetime.

Already we are seeing drastic improvements in this area, with the dramatic cost reduction of wind and solar energy, as well as great improvements to batteries and other technologies.

Not only are technologies like solar and wind cleaner for the environment, it also distributes energy reliance away from centralized sources (like the Middle East) and spreads energy independence to individuals far and wide, thus relieving the pressure and political upheaval caused by a concentration of power and wealth in only a handful of geographical zones.

While all forms of energy we have invented so far still require some natural resources and environmental degradation to deploy, a world full of cheap, renewable, and clean energy would be a vast improvement over the “dirty energy” industrial age of the 20th century.

2. Decentralized Finance

Let’s change our financial, trade, and economic systems from one based on centrally controlled fiat currencies riddled with expensive financial middlemen, to one of decentralized, peer-to-peer electronic currency, trade, and economic systems.

Again we are seeing a massive move in this direction with the inventions of Bitcoin and the blockchain technology that supports it. This technology enables people from all over the world to trade and exchange value as easily and cheaply as sending an email.

Blockchain will also eliminate the need for huge office towers full of bankers, accountants, and lawyers that drain value from our society without adding any real value themselves. It shouldn’t cost our society billions of dollars in bank profits to manage the world’s money, that value would be better served if it remained in the pockets of the producers of real goods and services.

3. Religious and Spiritual Unity

Let’s gather the world’s principal religious and spiritual leaders into one room and make a peace agreement.

I would like to see the world’s leaders of various religious and spiritual traditions hold more global events that demonstrate cross cultural and cross religious acceptance. While we have made some strides toward ending racism, the worst form of hate and violence still arises from religion. We need to move toward acceptance of people of different faiths and recognize that all religions of any value ought to support love and compassion for fellow humans regardless of their beliefs.