Root Chakra Affirmations

Duration: 09:36

About This Audio

Your root chakra, known as Muladhara, sits at the base of your spine and is responsible for your sense of safety and security in this world. This audio contains 21 affirmations to help you heal and balance your root chakra, so that you don't experience the negative effects associated with a weak or blocked root chakra. Make sure to repeat them often while you focus your energy on the location of your root chakra: the base of your spine. Enjoy.

I Choose Positive Thoughts - Canadian Accent Affirmations

Affirmations for Happiness - Canadian Accent

Affirmations for Freedom - Repeated Twice - Canadian Accent

Affirmations for Gratitude: Canadian Female Voice

Affirmations for Physical Healing - Female Canadian Accent

Embrace Your Emotional Strength - Affirmations for Fortitude