What Is Ascension

Ascension 101 – How To Embody Your Divine Essence

“Ascension is not really about our physical bodies rising up in the air to the heavens above, it is more about bringing the ‘heavenly frequency’ down into our physical body and extending it out into our daily life.”

In this article:

  • What Is Ascension?
  • What Is The “Ascension Process”?
  • How To Embody Your Divine Essence
  • 6 Tips To Help With the Ascension Process

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Medical IntuitiveReading Energy As A Medical Intuitive

July 18, 2020

Join quantum healer, teacher, and author Mona Delfino as she helps you discover how to open to your innate capacity for reading energy as a medical intuitive by connecting intuitively with animals, plants, and totems… practices that can boost your health and vitality and deepen your heart connection to the natural world.

In this eye-opening 60 minutes, you’ll:

  • Boost your spiritual immune system using heart medicine to relax your body and ease the pressure that past traumas are placing on your adrenals
  • Learn how to use crystals as conduits for improving the focus and effectiveness of your healing work and for clearing negative energies
  • Explore the special mission that plants have — and how reading them helps you make healing changes where needed
  • Experience a sound healing designed to help you surrender to self-acceptance and expand your self-trust, the bedrock of intuition

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