You’re invited to attend the first-ever online “Shift Your World” Film Festival, hosted by The Shift Network!

The event will take place online, May 6-9, 2021

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The Shift Your World Film Festival is a free 4-day online film festival showcasing thought-provoking films from around the world.

At this online film festival, you’ll enjoy:

  • 9 feature-length films
  • A collection of powerful shorts
  • Panels & conversations with filmmakers (+ audience chat)
  • Special screening events
  • Digital world premieres
  • Casting your vote for the Audience Choice Award


This seminal online event is rooted in the understanding that the most powerful world-changing movies are ones that leave us better, wiser, and more engaged humans. They engender insights and awareness that touch deep into our souls, calling us to remember who we are and why we are here.

2020 was a time of dramatic loss on many levels. 2021 can be a time of regeneration and rebirth. That’s why the theme for this brand-new event is regenesis, leveraging this unique cultural moment to redesign our future with an upleveled vision of human potential.

As we emerge from a year of loss, uncertainty, and life lived in a smaller scope, Shift Your World’s mindfully curated films and poignant post-screening discussions will offer a portal to new possibilities in the realms of personal, societal, and planetary wellbeing.

The most powerful stories awaken our curiosity and imagination. They show us the possibility of a thriving future. Through film, we can truly envision a brighter, more meaningful tomorrow.

Humans are born storytellers, and the Shift Your World Film Festival is designed to offer an opportunity for showcasing compelling stories that blend inspiration, possibility, and true activism — while touching our hearts and souls.

This completely FREE event features digital world premieres of films from around the globe. Participants will be invited to engage in unique online experiences inspired from in-person film festivals, including panel discussions with filmmakers and text voting for our first-ever awards ceremony. There will also be opportunities to upgrade to a virtual immersive VIP experience.

Join this unique online experience of filmgoers, filmmakers, and moving storytellers to reinvigorate your hopeful spirit and work toward global change together — get your free pass here: 

P.S. Here’s what others have said about Shift summits & fests:

This is absolutely the most beautiful, soulful event! What a blessing to the world! To us all who are present!
— Dorie Pride

What a wonderful global festival this is. First of its kind to the best of my knowledge. Almost like a 2020 online Woodstock.
— Summer Craig

EPIC event! Thank you, Shift Network! You and the team are a blessing! Love. Peace. Blessings. Unity.
— Gwen

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