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Do you have a clear and inspiring vision for your life in the coming months and years?

Are you ready to go beyond adjusting to a “new normal,” and bring the full force of your power, grace, and inner strength to bloom for the next chapter of your life?

At such an unusual and historic time, it may even seem self-centered to ask how you’re fine-tuning your unique gifts and purpose — yet, to be a voice of wisdom as the world begins to re-open, and an advocate for a transformed, healthier planet when we reemerge… this inquiry is essential!

You might wonder exactly how you’ll rise and regenerate yourself as we all gear up for a gradual exit from this period of pause and containment.

Why not use this pivotal period to your advantage — reimagining and generating the most empowered version of yourself and your life?

During this catalytic time, when many fear for their health and safety… caring for your wellbeing is a top priority and nourishing your dreams can feel like a revolutionary act.

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to Resilience & Renewal in Your Third Act, an online summit hosted happening from June 15-19, 2020. The remarkable summit speakers are here to equip and empower you to live fully in the face of upheaval and uncertainty.

This summit offers you a path into whatever your next committed endeavor may be and whatever impact you choose to make — with profound insights, tools, tips, and practices that will help you manifest your highest potential!

When you attend this highly anticipated returning summit (at no charge), you’ll glean inspiration from daring and grace-filled leaders… and face the future with confidence and renewed vigor.

Free Online Summit
Renewal & Resilience in Your Third Act:
Transform Fear and Claim Your Sovereignty in Uncertain Times
June 15-19, 2020

This event will feature more than 35 leaders — including Sharon Salzberg, Dr. Katie Hendricks, Lynne Twist, Sandra Ingerman, Pamela Madsen, Judith Kravitz, Cynthia James, Carol Orsborn, and Yeye Teish, among many other luminaries.

These bold change-makers are eager to equip and empower you to live fully in the face of upheaval and uncertainty. They’ll touch on many colorful themes — particularly what makes life fruitful and fulfilling even in this seminal time of change.

Join this convergence of women committed to learning from prior generations… and, in turn, strengthen your legacy and bless the women of generations yet to come.

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During this inspiring 5-day gathering, you’ll discover:

  • How to ensure the best sleep for your body so you can fully rejuvenate and regenerate each day
  • Gems of wisdom from two celebrated pioneers — ages 81 and 100 — about aging into liberation and joy by befriending your body as your ally, and wisdom as your core
  • Ways to access your fierceness in the face of loss, so you can mobilize the resources you have for accomplishing new dreams and goals
  • The gumption to defy critical inner voices about getting older and claim your age — whether you’re single, in an unsatisfying relationship, finding a new career, learning new things, or wanting to reinvent your life.
  • That grace is a direct experience of the Divine Presence awakening within you — reconnecting you to the source of real love, peace, clarity, strength, and joy
  • How to deconstruct your money story so you can live in peaceful, fearless creation with money as your ally
  • Renewed vigor and delight in your body’s capacity for pleasure and regeneration at all ages
  • How to transform your relationship with mistakes and view them as a path to wisdom and humility
    Ways to fully allow the grieving process, so joy can re-enter your life
  • How to work with dreams and nightmares — and transform fears and anxieties through lucid awareness practices
  • The blueprint to create a soul family and tribe that will support, empower, and love you for who you are
  • How to “live in completion” day to day so your engagement with yourself and others is open to discovery rather than contraction
  • How to step into your leadership role within a new paradigm of being on Earth, honoring your relations, and living in harmony with all beings

And much more!

Your passion and your wisdom are not only vital for your life… they’re also key to solving the issues facing our precious planet and our global family.

Join us to find exciting new ways you can use your unique gifts to help create a thriving world for future generations — and explore what’s next for you on your journey to YOUR inspired life.

RSVP here for Resilience & Renewal in Your Third Act — at no charge

P.S. Here’s some of what the brilliant speakers will be sharing with you…

  • Drawing from her upcoming book, Real Change, Sharon Salzberg shares indispensable techniques for engaging in challenging times with clarity, calm, and heartfulness
  • Judith Kravitz will share how your breath tells a story and how changing your breath changes your life, as she offers a powerful breathing exercise to strengthen your immune system.
  • Join Lynne Twist in reclaiming your purpose and sharing your wisdom and vision with your community, as society slowly reemerges from lockdown.
  • Regenerate your enthusiasm, creativity, and love of life with Cynthia James, who’ll assist your search for inspiration in even the most mundane places.
  • With Katie Hendricks, you’ll explore body intelligence practices that can assist you to move from fear and contraction to presence and connection — and create a blame-free zone in your relationship and home.
  • Harvesting over 40 years of yoga, meditation, therapy, and purposeful living, Anodea Judith will guide you into a new era of empowerment and joy… using the chakra system as a template for wholeness.
  • Joyously stand in the “third trimester of your life” with Yeye Teish, as she inspires you to feel into your legacy — the contribution you’ve made that will exist beyond your own lifetime.
  • Stir up the best kind of trouble as saucy Pamela Madsen demonstrates how to reactivate your sex life in alignment with your specific rhythms, energy, heart, and needs.
  • Engender deep resilience that goes beyond this lifetime and into other dimensions with Sandra Ingerman.
  • Dr. Carol Orsborn will share practical tips on utilizing discernment and using this liminal time in surprisingly fulfilling ways — to create a bright future for yourself.

And much more!

RSVP here for Resilience & Renewal in Your Third Act — at no charge