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Guided Meditations

Travel Inwards Guided Journey

This guided meditation will help you have a spiritual experience of the highest magnitude, in which you’ll be traveling inwards, towards your inner self. Guided meditation with a stream, forest, and zen music in the background.

The Gift Of Sleep Guided Meditation

This guided meditation will allow you to relax deeply and enjoy one of our greatest gifts: The gift of sleep. The gift of being able to nourish your body and replenish your energies every night.

Discover Your Life Purpose Guided Meditation

You can discover your life purpose when you ask yourself the following questions during this guided meditation:

Who am I?

What is my purpose in life?

Don’t think about the answers, but let them come naturally to you. This guided meditation makes the process of asking yourself those questions much smoother and will help you find your life’s purpose. Enjoy!

Coronavirus Will Pass

A special meditation to help release fear and anxiety related to the coronavirus outbreak.

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