Our Anti-Anxiety Meditation Collection includes our finest guided audio meditations designed specifically for clearing and releasing anxiety.

When you purchase this collection, you will receive links to Download all 7 Anti-Anxiety Meditation audio files in MP3 format so you can play them whenever you want on any device, even without an Internet connection.

Each audio will help you relax, improve your breathing techniques, and help you gain confidence and control over anxious thoughts.

Here is a preview of the seven Anti-Anxiety Meditations you will receive as part of this Collection:

Anti-Anxiety With Loula

Guided Meditation For Anxiety Release

Ease Loneliness, Connect To Higher Consciousness

Self-Compassion For Social Anxiety

Negativity Release Guided Meditation

Detachment From Over Thinking Guided Meditation

Letting Go and Building Trust Guided Meditation

In total, this magnificent audio collection comprises 7 audio meditations providing you with over 2 hours of Anti-Anxiety Guided Meditations. 

Thank you very much. Every purchase you make helps support our mission to bring meditation to the masses!