Forest Journey Guided Meditation

Throat Chakra Guided Meditation

Dolphin Ride Guided Meditation

Develop Your Intuition Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for Dealing With Negativity

Creative Visualization Guided Meditation

Embracing Gratitude Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for Easing Work-Related Stress

Discover Your Life Purpose Guided Meditation

Walking Meditation (Guided Meditation)

Star Travel Guided Meditation

Body Scan Guided Meditation

Balance Your Chakras Guided Meditation

Island Relaxation Guided Meditation Journey

Root Chakra Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for Sleep

Sacral Chakra Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation to Connect With Your Inner Self

Solar Plexus Chakra Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for Abundance and Prosperity

Guided Meditation for Peace and Relaxation

Heart Chakra Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for Healing and Renewal

Guided Meditation for Anxiety

Hypnosis for Being Positive and Successful

Guided Meditation for Detachment and Letting Go

Short Guided Meditation for Personal Success

Find Your Life Purpose Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis for Being Positive and Successful

Guided Meditation for Sleep (Kids) - Star Travel Theme

Guided Meditation for Concentration and Focus

Third Eye Chakra Guided Meditation

Crown Chakra Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation For Deep Sleep

Affirmations for Success and Abundance

30 Affirmations for Success and Abundance (Second Person)

Affirmations for Success in First and Second Person

Letting Go of Your Fear of Success Guided Meditation

Focus & Productivity Guided Meditation

Positive Thinking Affirmations

Affirmations for Being Positive (Second Person)

Full Chakra Guided Meditation Collection

High Theta Meditation Music

Kids Guided Meditation for Sleep (Counting Sheep)

Affirmations for Deep Sleep With Delta Waves

Morning Affirmations

Powerful Abundance Affirmations

Abundance Inside Guided Meditation

Abundance Visualization

Abundance Allowing Guided Meditation

Root Chakra Balancing With Delta Waves

250 Affirmations for Wealth and Abundance

Hypnosis for Relaxation and Deep Sleep

Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Deep Sleep

Eliminate Your Fear of Success (With Relaxing Background Music)

I Am Abundance - Powerful Affirmations for Gratitude Towards Wealth

Guided Meditation for Love and Abundance

Affirmations for Entrepreneurs

Financial Well-being Guided Meditation

Unlock Your Full Potential Guided Meditation

Wealth Consciousness Affirmations

Guided Meditation for Unblocking Your Creative Flow

Positive Life Affirmations

Dealing With Negativity With Theta Waves

Powerful Affirmations for Billionaires

Unlock Your Hidden Talents, Abilities and Potential

Law of Attraction Wealth and Success Affirmations

Embrace Success Guided Meditation

Affirmations for Love, Fulfillment and Happiness

Negativity Release Guided Meditation

Positive Thoughts Affirmations Law of Attraction

7 Chakras Guided Meditation

Aura Guided Meditation

Weekly Law of Attraction Affirmations

Powerful Guided Meditation for Concentration

Guided Meditation for Change

Unlock Your Intuitive Powers Guided Meditation

Let Go of Negativity From the Past Guided Meditation

Third Eye Chakra Meditation With Background Music

Guided Meditation for Feeling Safe

Love Yourself, Love the World (Powerful Guided Meditation)

Peace and Safety Guided Meditation

Affirmations for Safety

Find Yourself Guided Meditation

Weight Loss Affirmations

Ease Work Related Stress Guided Meditation With Calm Music

Island Journey Guided Imagery

Gratitude Meditation With Background Music

36 Gratitude Affirmations

Sleep Talk Down Guided Meditation

Soft Sleep Talk Down for Insomnia

Crown Chakra Alignment With Delta Waves

Daily Affirmations for Confidence

Heart Chakra Balance With Background Music

Affirmations for Creativity

Guided Meditation Reducing Stress, Worry and Anxiety

Detachment From Over Thinking Guided Meditation

Trust Your Intuition Guided Meditation

99 Life Affirmations

Solar Plexus Chakra Guided Meditation

Sunday Affirmations

Throat Chakra Guided Meditation

New Week Affirmations

Positive Thinking and Affirmations Guided Meditation

Positive Affirmations for Love

Self Healing Guided Meditation

Astral Projection Guided Meditation

Sacral Chakra Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for Changing Your Reality and Beliefs

Powerful Affirmations for Self Love

Loving Kindness Meditation

Worry Release Guided Meditation

Short & Powerful Affirmations

Lucid Dreaming Guided Meditation

Affirmations for Dealing With Emotional Pain

Anxiety Release Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for Dealing With Loss

98 "I Am" Affirmations

Guided Meditation For Dealing With Emotional Pain

Dealing With Chronic Pain Guided Meditation

40 "I Am" Abundance Affirmations

Self Hypnosis For Unique Purpose in Life + 1 Hour of Relaxing Music

"I Am" Gratitude Affirmations

Guided Meditation for Letting Go of Negative Energy

Guided Meditation for Positive Energy

Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Sleep Talk Down With Delta Waves - 1 Hour Super Audio

Guided Meditation for Healing Relationships

Living With Difficulties Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for Overcoming Obstacles

Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Acceptance

Guided Meditation for Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Guided Meditation for Self Confidence

Self Trust & Love Meditation

Guided Meditation for Surrendering and Letting Go

Pure Delta Waves

Cultivating Peace In Difficult Times

Mental Attitude Affirmations

Freedom From Toxic Relationships

51 Personal Development Affirmations

Vanish Social Anxiety

12 Affirmations for Vibrant Health

Guided Meditation for Self Love

10 Powerful Affirmations (Double Repetition)

Taming Negative Thoughts

Personal Transformation Guided Meditation

24 Affirmations for Life Change

Alpha Brain Waves

Affirmations for Letting Out Your Emotions

Affirmations for Letting go of the Past

Pura Gamma Binaural Beats

Affirmations for Dealing With Inner Conflict

Guided Meditation for Developing Courage

Affirmations for Remembering Your Dreams

Guided Meditation for Letting Go of Regret

Affirmations for Letting Go of Regret

Delta Waves Astral Projection Meditation

Aura & Chakra Meditation With Theta Binaural Beats

Affirmations to Stop Worrying

Guided Meditation for Stopping Negative Self Talk

Affirmations for Building Great Character

Guided Meditation for Becoming More Adventurous

Affirmations for Becoming More Persistent

Affirmations for Thinking Big

Early Riser Affirmations

Thinking Big Guided Meditation

Affirmations to Stop Procrastination

Guided Meditation For Being More Motivated

Affirmations for Becoming More Decisive

Design Your Life Affirmations

Tapping Into Your Personal Power Affirmations

Early Riser Guided Meditation

Affirmations for Being Happy

Guided Meditation for Stopping Procrastination

Affirmations for Being Persistent

Guided Meditation for Being More Self Disciplined

Guided Meditation for Becoming More Persistent

Affirmations for Being More Ambitious

Successful Mindset Guided Meditation

LOA Luck Affirmations

Guided Meditation for Achieving Your Goals

Law of Attraction Abundance Affirmations

Law of Attraction - Attract Health

Law of Attraction Attract Health Affirmations

Law of Attraction Abundance Meditation

Attract Your Soulmate Meditation

Soulmate Affirmations

Attitude of Gratitude Guided Meditation

LOA Affirmations for Finding Opportunities

Law of Attraction Positive Affirmations

Inner Peace Guided Meditation

Debt Free Affirmations

Anger Management Guided Meditation

Saving Money Affirmations

Guided Meditation for Stopping Feeling Insecure

Affirmations for Becoming More Adventurous

Guided Meditation for Overcoming Your Fear of Rejection

Affirmations for Being More Extroverted

Guided Meditation for Healing Emotional Issues

Powerful Affirmations for Dealing With Insomnia

Dealing With Conflict Guided Meditation

Collection of Affirmations for Deep Meditation

Guided Meditation for Building Your Self Esteem

Guided Meditation for Stopping Nightmares

Affirmations for Deep Focus

Avoid Bad Dreams With Delta Waves

Affirmations for Dealing With Exhaustion

Affirmations for Recalling Your Dreams

Guided Meditation for Remembering Your Dreams

Social Skills Affirmations

Hungry For Life Affirmations

Creativity Affirmations

Persistence & Motivation Guided Meditation

Affirmations for Enjoying Your Own Company

Photographic Memory Affirmations

Guided Meditation for Stopping Smoking

Dolphin Imagery With Alpha Waves

Root Chakra Affirmations

Guided Meditation for Gambling Addiction

Anger Management Affirmations

Pot of Gold Guided Meditation

Become More Outgoing Affirmations

Forest Journey Guided Meditation

Affirmations for Dreaming Your Reality

Affirmations for Having Lasting Relationships

Affirmations for Becoming an Incredible Artist

Set Yourself Free Guided Meditation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Guided Meditation

Affirmations for Eliminating Bad Friendships

Guided Meditation for Connecting With Your Higher Self

Think and Grow Rich Affirmations

Smile and Relax Guided Meditation

Creative Visualization Affirmations

Private Garden Journey - Peace and Tranquility

Walking Along the Beach Meditation

Body Scan Meditation For Deep Sleep

Night-Time Affirmations

Guided Meditation for Dream Recall

10-Minutes to Attract Abundance With 1.0Hz Delta Waves

7 Chakras Meditation With Soft 8.5Hz Alpha Beats

10-Minutes to Clear Negative Energy With Soft 1Hz Delta Waves

Crown Chakra Healing With 1.0Hz Delta Binaural Beats

Island Relaxation - Guided Journey With Relaxing Music

Reach Your Objectives - Encouraging Meditation

Astral Projection with 1.0Hz Delta Waves and Relaxing Music

136 Powerful Law of Attraction "I Am" Affirmations

87 Billionaire Affirmations Repeated TWICE (174 Total) - Law of Attraction - Isocronic Tones

63 Affirmations for Positive Thinking Repeated TWICE (126 Total) - With Alpha Tones

101 Affirmations for Improving Your Self Esteem - With Alpha 1.0Hz Tones

Relaxing Waterfall to Eliminate Negativity From Your Life - 1.0Hz Delta Waves and Relaxing Music

247 Law of Attraction Affirmations for Abundance - With Alpha 1.0Hz Tones

57 Affirmations for Improving Your Memory | Alpha 1.0Hz Tones | Relaxing Music

Anger Management Relaxing Audio | Waterfall Video and Music | Soft Delta Waves

Relaxing Waterfall for Chronic Pain | Soft 1.0Hz Delta Waves

Affirmations for Becoming a Billionaire Repeated THREE Times. With Relaxing Delta 3.0Hz Beats.

Negative Energy Cleanse | Guided Meditation | 1.0Hz Delta Waves

OBE Experience | Guided Journey | Soft 1.0Hz Delta Waves | Relaxing Music | Clouds

Your Private Garden | Guided Meditation | Full Relaxation | Soft Alpha Beats 8.5Hz

Inner Soul Guided Journey | Deep Travel Inside Yourself | Deep Relaxation | Alpha Beats 8.5Hz

Sahasrara Balance | Energize Your Center of Trust & Devotion | Theta 4.5Hz

New Beginning Guided Meditation | Relaxing Background Music | Soft Theta 4.5Hz

55 Gratitude Affirmations Repeated TWICE With Soft 4.5Hz Theta Waves | Relaxing Music

Deep Healing Snowy Woods Immersion | Theta 4.5Hz

136 "I Am" Manifesting Affirmations Repeated TWICE | 4.5Hz Theta Waves | Relaxing Music

Loving Kindness for Awakening | Soft 4.5Hz Theta Tones | Relaxing Music

Love Attraction - 62 Manifestation Affirmations Repeated TWICE | Soft Theta 4.5Hz

162 Affirmations for Good Health and Positive Energy | Relaxing Background Music | Soft Theta 4.5Hz

Finding Inner Peace | Soft 4.5Hz Theta Tones | Relaxing Music

54 Affirmations for Doing What You Want and Being Your True Self | Theta 4.5Hz

100 Affirmations for Healing ALL Your Chakras Repeated TWICE | Theta 4.5Hz

Perfect Health | Guided Meditation | Binaural Beats | Healing Theta

Bravery Meditation | Enhance Braveness | Relaxing Music | Theta 4.5 Hz

Perfect Memory Affirmations | Improve Your Memory | Theta 4.5Hz

Travel To Your Inner Self | Guided Meditation | Relaxing Delta Waves

"I Choose" Positive Thoughts | Affirmations Repeated TWICE | Theta 4.5Hz

Wake Up Early Guided Meditation | Relaxing Music | Change Your Subconscious Beliefs | Delta Waves

48 Early Riser Affirmations Repeated Twice | Delta Waves

Astral Body Travel | Delta Waves

73 Self Discipline Affirmations | Delta Waves

Letting Go of Bad Relationships Meditation | Alpha Waves

Before Bed Affirmations | Repeated Twice | Delta Waves

64 Affirmations for Developing Positive Habits | Theta Waves

Self Retreat For Inner Peace Guided Meditation | Alpha Waves

Positive Habits & Routines - Powerful Affirmations Repeated TWICE | Alpha Waves

Powerful 'I Choose' Affirmations to Become More Positive

"I am Grateful" | Powerful Daily Affirmations

Attract Prosperity Audio | Alpha 12.0Hz

"I Do What's Best For Me" | Incredible Self-Worth Affirmations | Repeated Twice

"I Let Out My Emotions" | Powerful Affirmations | Repeated Twice | Alpha Waves

Fear Of Rejection Phobia | Guided Meditation | Alpha 12.0Hz

100% Self Control | Powerful Affirmations With Alpha Waves

Start Anew | Powerful Guided Meditation for Starting Over | Alpha Waves

101 Positive "I Am" Affirmations Repeated Twice With Alpha Waves

Wealth Attraction Meditation | Alpha Waves

Infinite Love Manifestation Affirmations | Bring Love To Your Life

Find Focus | Guided Meditation | Alpha Waves

"I Am Healthy" Affirmations for Perfect Health

Lucid Dreaming for Healing | Alpha Waves

Seventh Chakra (Sahasrara) Alignment With Theta Waves

Real YOU Communication | Connect With Your Higher Self

"I Meditate Deeply " Affirmations | Repeated Twice | Alpha Waves

Affirmations for Positive Thoughts | Repeated Twice | Alpha Waves

41 Emotional Strength Affirmations | Alpha Waves | Relaxing Background Music

Eliminate Negative Energy | Theta Background Music | Let Go of Negativity

65 Powerful Anti-Aging Affirmations. Alpha Waves | Relaxing Music | Deep Concentration

Get Up Early | Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind | Relaxing Audio