In a pair of videos featured below, legendary mycologist and world renowned author Paul Stamets expounds upon the growing emergence of mushrooms and psilocybin as an effective medicine for some of the most complex and challenging human health conditions.

In addition to improving physical and mental conditions, psilocybin mushrooms could also be the key toward unlocking a paradigm shift in global consciousness due to the undeniable mind opening experiences attributed to this fascinating class of fungi.

In the first video, produced by Bioneers, Paul summarizes some of the research currently underway to harness the power of psilocybin fungi for therapeutic purposes, and relates some of the challenges that remain to effectively distribute and apply them to a wider range of illnesses.

In the second video, Paul sits down with Grateful Dead musician Bob Weir and “Comes A Time” podcast personalities MIke and Oteil for a broader and more colorful discussion around the unlimited potential for fungi of all kinds to radically enhance human consciousness and to help restore the Earth’s biosphere in a sustainable way.