The following chart gives us a clear picture of what type of human attributes attract light, and what types of human attributes attract dark.

Houses Of Dark Houses Of Light
1. Addiction / Lust

2. Wrath / Rage / Vengeance

3. Greed / Avarice

4. Envy / Jealousy

5. Gluttony / Waste

6. Laziness / Discouragement

7. Pride / Self-Importance

1. Purity

2. Generosity

3. Patience

4. Kindness

5. Discipline/Conservation

6. Diligence

7. Humility


The challenge we have as human beings at this time is that our society often glorifies the Houses of Dark and shames the Houses of Light.

When TV commercials show expensive cars next to attractive, smiling people, when schools and businesses teach us to be selfish and greedy in order to be competitive, all of these social programs encourage us to open our doors to the Houses of the Ego.

It can appear that we can only find rewards such as money, fame, and glory when we give in to the Houses of Dark while those who persevere in the Houses of Light might appear to be poor, meek failures.

This is a great deception, and it is one deception we will have to uncover if we want to raise planetary awareness and create a balanced and harmonic paradise on Earth.  The greatest part of the deception is that the TV commercials, internet ads, and other social and educational programs do not show us the great level of suffering that goes on behind the scenes for those people who have opened their souls to the Houses of Dark.

Many people who live in the Houses of Dark suffer greatly, even if they drive the fancy car and live in the luxurious mansion.  For those of us looking from the outside, it may appear that their life is so great, but we do not live in their shoes, we do not sleep in their bed, we do not know about all of the internal suffering they are dealing with as a result of compromising their moral behavior.  Usually the suffering comes with worrying about losing everything they have, and the issue of always wanting more.  This is why many materially wealthy people eventually learn to give back large parts of their fortune, because they are aware of the true and deep joy the Houses of Light can deliver when followed acutely.

Those of us who feel compassion for nature and for humanity, would be far better off living in the Houses of Light and denouncing the Houses of Dark from inside of ourselves.  In this way, we grow one step closer to embodying pure joy and love, a sensation money will never buy.

Transcending The Houses Of Duality

The only problem with the Houses of Dark and the Houses of Light is that it portends duality (eg. this way is right, that way is wrong).  Duality sets us up for conflict.  Indeed, it is through spiritual practice, prayer, and meditation that we begin to transcend the houses of duality and accept all as one.  This is the real secret toward unlocking the magic field of infinite possibilities within which our physical form dwells.