Quantum Flipping


I started reading Dr. Sue Morter’s book, The Energy Codes, and I have to say I am very impressed so far.

In the book, she discusses a concept called “Quantum Flipping”. The term quantum flipping originated from quantum physics to describe how an atom can suddenly change directions without “slowing down”. Imagine watching a horse run at full speed in one direction, and then suddenly start running at the same speed in the opposite direction, without slowing down!  This is exactly what atoms can do at the quantum level.  Am I the only one who finds it interesting that quantum physics appears to defy the Laws of Physics?

Sue applies the concept of quantum flipping to demonstrate how we are capable of making spontaneous change at the quantum level. She describes how she helps people move from a position of survival, victimhood, and self-help, to a position of empowerment and creative genius. In theory, this means positive changes can occur instantly, not gradually.

The way quantum flipping occurs in the body is by advancing and extending one’s “inner circuitry”. Sue compares the human body to a city, with electrical lines and connections running throughout the city to light things up. Yet, many areas of the city remain dark if the circuitry is not connected, or if the connections are broken. According to Sue, our body works the same way,  we have to extend our circuitry to the parts of ourselves that are disconnected from the source energy. One of the most effective ways to reconnect and enhance our inner circuitry is this through breathing exercises and yogic poses, which Sue details throughout her book.  Sue also runs an online course called Energy Medecine – click here to learn more.

One of the more insightful aspects of Sue’s perspective is her insistence that our physical body is the key to creating change in our outer world. While many spiritual teachers emphasize the unseen world, Sue emphasizes that the physical world, especially our body, is the key to create life changing results.

To quote from Sue’s book, “To make the Quantum Flip to embodying the Soulful Self and experiencing a more peaceful, flowing, and joyous life, we must eliminate gaps, densities, or interferences in the energy field and return it to its optimum flow. As I always say, ‘if it isn’t flowing in your life, it’s because it isn’t flowing in your body’”.

As within, so without. Spirituality starts in the body and then flows out to our reality. If we can enhance our inner circuitry through diligent practice, we will increase the quality and quantity of “connections” we make in the outer world, and our lives with flow in harmony. Those connections can manifest in any form we choose, whether it be improved physical health, better relationships, more abundance or even world peace.

Another aspect of Sue’s material I found helpful is the idea that when we are flowing as our optimum selves, we become empowered to see every event is occurring for no other reason than our eventual benefit. This requires some level of trust in the very design of human life, as so many bad things seem to happen for no reason. Yet, if we look back at those “bad” things, we can usually see how it forced us to change for the better. If we can’t see how something bad led to something better, it means we still haven’t learned from the so called bad situation. Once we gain the perspective that all things happen deliberately for our sole benefit, we can’t help but see the magical and miraculous flow of life in which every outcome is a good one.

I highly recommend checking out Sue Morter’s online course in which she guides you through a 7 step system to awaken your spirit, heal your body and live your best life…