In the video below, Nicole Frolick does an excellent job describing how to perform a merkaba activation.

But first, you might be asking, what IS a merkaba?

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What Is A Merkaba – Quoted From the Ascension Glossary:

“The Merkaba body contains two counter rotating spirals of consciousness energy that function in a healthy, strong and balanced Lightbody which is to gain control over matter through teleportation, time travel and the ability to demanifest from a station in time.

The Merkaba fields are what help to sustain the energy that builds the entire Lightbody construct, in which there are male-female sets of counter-rotating electromagnetic spirals of the consciousness energy.

The male-female sets of consciousness energy spirals generate a DNA and RNA imprint. The DNA architecture is the masculine principle, while the RNA is the feminine principle. The DNA-RNA messaging circuitry must communicate together in balance. The DNA and RNA imprint project the entire lightbody hologram which organizes the light of the consciousness into a bio-energetic field, or auric field.”

How To Perform A Merkaba Activation

The technique described by Nicole Frolick begins by imagining a silver pyramid above the head pointing up, and golden pyramid down below your body pointing toward the Earth. You then connect the two pyramids with a channel of light, which may be colored depending on your intentions.

Watch this video as Nicole describes the entire process…