The inner activist focuses on personal development and growth, rather than trying to fight something “outside” of his or her Self.

Unfortunately, society teaches us the opposite.

Society teaches us to cheer for the home team, not the visiting team… vote for this party, not that party. Society preaches “us against them”, where “they” are any kind of foe, both real or imagined. In other words, society teaches us to choose a side and it had better be the winning side!

This is a trap.

The minute we choose an external foe, we enslave ourselves into trying to defeat that foe. When we identify an external foe, we create internal anxiety, stress, disunity, or hate. We see it in the media. We see it in the movies. We see it in our lives.

We are often encouraged to join “the fight against ________”. Fill in the space with anything you want – cancer, drugs, terrorism, socialism, capitalism, domestic violence, environmental pollution… choose any issue you want. All of these external foes cause internal fear and worry. Fear and worry is not a desirable state, so why do we join the fight?

The problem is, we can never defeat the foe – whether it is a political party we don’t like, a baseball team that never wins, a particular race of people we cannot accept, or a family member who annoys us, there will always be another foe to try to defeat. There will always be another problem, another challenger, another enemy.

The inner activist refuses to take a side, instead he or she leads by example. The inner activist is determined to maintain states of peace, love and joy and emanate those states wherever he or she goes. It might sound corny to focus on peace and love, considering “all the problems in the world” but those so called problems are mostly an illusion. The entire external world portrayed by the media, culture, and society is a distorted version of actual reality.

Actual reality is the one YOU experience. The only real fight worth winning is the one we have within ourselves. And if you are in a state of “fighting against” some external foe, you have already lost.