Will power is a concept that is often misunderstood.  We think of will power as the power to resist urges, like having a cigarette, or drinking that second cup of coffee.  When we ponder a little deeper, willpower is something much greater, indeed, it is the greatest human power.

Let’s start with the idea of “will”.  Will is the internal capacity of a person to take action, or to resist action.  Will can also be considered as the “force of will” whereby the shear strength of one’s belief combined with their desire and action creates a particular outcome that would not or could not have occurred without the force of their will.

When we start to think more deeply about who we are and who we choose to be, we realize that our will is our greatest power.  For example, if we speak to an Olympic athlete or other great achiever, she will most likely talk about how hard she worked to attain her achievements, but the hard work was achieved through the power of her will. She was able to overcome all of the little voices that said “can’t we just take one day off”, “can’t we do one less mile today than yesterday?”, “can’t we take a break?”.  It is the will, and only the will, that can give us the power to push ourselves to the ultimate achievements in life.

The above example applies will to the physical capabilities of an Olympic athlete, but that is not the only type of achievement we can work towards using our will.  We can work toward harmonious relationships using our will, we can work toward world peace using our will, we can work toward divine contact using our will.  Our will is the unlimited capacity to create. Our will lays deep within ourselves, waiting to be harnessed, despite all of the resistance from our mind or body.

If we want the benefits of activities like meditation and yoga, it requires will, the will to do those actions.  If we want to repair a broken relationship with a family member, it requires will, the strength to put our pride aside and give a hug and an apology.  Our will represents our connection with spirit, and it is the most powerful force we have.

The Enemy Of Will

Fear is the enemy of will.  Our will may be pushing us to do something that some (usually psychological) fear prevents us from doing.  When we feel fear, it is usually because we are being faced with something that our higher self prefers, but our sub conscious or unconscious ego does not prefer and so therefore erects false walls to prevent us from using our will to overcome them.  This is called a test of our will.

Awakening Our Will

Accessing our will often happens automatically, but the most powerful aspect of our will happens when we consciously embody our will.  There are several types of exercises that we can use to help develop or “consciously embody” our will.  Starting the day with a physical exercise of some sort – a walk, a meditation, yoga, or something else we enjoy can work to make us feel more powerful.  When we feel more powerful, our will starts to awaken and give us more confidence.

Willful Prayer

Will can also be applied to the concept of prayer.  A lot of times, people think a prayer is simply the recitation of certain words.  However, a far more powerful form of prayer is one that also incorporates our will.  When we combine our will with the use of certain words we are initializing a sort of ecstatic commandment.  We are putting our “heart and soul” into the (e)motions of prayer, we are feeling and believing the words that we are saying.

One of the reasons song and dance have been ritually combined with the practice of prayer in various ceremonies and religious orders is because these kinds of activities excite our will, they help convert our whole body (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) into a creator of willful intentions.

When we use all of our capacity as an individual – voice, motion, thought, intention, sound, smell – we can stimulate the power of our will to ever greater heights.  When we perform these activities as a group, we have an exponentially increasing effect to overwhelm the creative power of the universe to deliver on the intentions being called forth by our will.