The 2 Steps To Self-Mastery


Self-mastery is about living the way we were designed to live.  We are all born as conscious beings, self-aware, full of joy and wonder.  We can see natural born self-mastery in the way our kids behave – full of energy, innocence, and affection.

As adults, self-mastery does not have to be difficult, it’s about living the way we were naturally designed to live.  However, our society has programmed us to willingly dump garbage into our bodies and minds, which in turn, pollutes our experience.  It is critical to understand that the presence of garbage is not “society’s fault”. Each of us has a choice to accept or refuse the garbage that is offered to us.

When we willingly pollute ourselves, the results are similar to what happens when we pollute the environment. Imbalances are created in our natural ecosystems and “dead zones” start to ooze toxins into what is left of our otherwise healthy selves.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

As the old saying goes – garbage in, garbage out.  As we get older, we learn to collect mental garbage and dump it into our minds.  We learn to hold on to garbage and carry it with us in our minds in the form of past trauma, and negative beliefs.  We also collect garbage in our bodies in the form of undigested food and environmental toxins.  We become masters at collecting and storing garbage instead of becoming masters at avoiding and eliminating garbage.  A true master learns to avoid and eliminate garbage.

Four Entry Points For Garbage

There are four main ways for garbage to find its way into our bodies and minds – through our mouths by what we choose to eat and drink, through our ears by what we choose to hear, through our eyes by what we choose to see, and through our thoughts by what we choose to think.  If we can learn to take back control of our mouth, our ears, our eyes and our thoughts, and stop putting garbage into them, we are well on our way toward self-mastery.

Our Self, like our planet, would naturally rebuild itself into a healthy, happy “childlike” ecosystem if we simply stopped collecting and dumping garbage into it.  When we stop polluting ourselves with garbage, we can start to develop our higher human faculties. We can start to develop joy, harmony and bliss.  Absent all of the pollution, we can start to find our creative selves again, and even start to consciously create our future.  When combined with the wisdom of adulthood, a human being free of garbage is a powerful being indeed, capable of anything we can imagine and believe.

Two Steps To Self-Mastery

Self-mastery is not some obscure, secret way to live, it’s really all about garbage and can be achieved by following these two steps:

  1. Stop putting new garbage into your Self
  2. Work to eliminate old garbage from your Self

What Is Garbage?

So the critical question becomes, what is garbage and how do we get rid of it?

The answer to this question is both simple and complex.  Garbage is something that does not easily decompose in nature, it is always man-made. Nature does not produce garbage, only human beings are capable of producing garbage.

Four Types Of Garbage

Here is a brief description of the four types of garbage:

1. Physical Garbage

In terms of our bodies, we ingest garbage through our food and drink.  Ironically, most types of food that ARE garbage are easy to identify because they come wrapped in garbage!  When we consider all of the different kinds of packaged foods and drinks, most of it is garbage.  Real food, as it emerges from nature, from a garden, or from a farm, is natural and therefore not garbage.

Our bodies are great at handling natural food, we can easily decompose it and turn it into energy. However, processed foods, with all of their chemicals, fillers, flour and sugar (flour and added sugar are unnatural processed “food”), cannot be easily decomposed because they are garbage.  They build up in our system and prevent us from developing our higher faculties.

Prescription drugs are also garbage since they are not natural and cannot be easily absorbed or digested by the body without the risk of volatile side effects.  Just look at the list of possible side effects that accompanies every prescription drug… only garbage could produce such a myriad of side effects.

2. Mental Garbage

In terms of our mind, any kind of fear or control-based message is garbage.  Most messages the media throws at us are garbage.  The media offers us an unnatural view of the world that is difficult for our minds to “digest”.

3. Emotional Garbage

Emotional garbage comes from our relationships.  Our friends and family members often embroil us in garbage, but again, there is no one “else” at fault for the garbage we willingly  choose to accept. Usually emotional garbage arises from drama and conflict and it is often repetitive.

We need to learn how to “take out the garbage” from an emotional standpoint.  It starts by noticing when we are becoming emotionally wound up, then we can look up and see who or what it is that is causing our reaction.  At that point, we need to take a moment and reflect on why this person or issue is causing emotional garbage and work to resolve it.  Usually, there is an old fear, an old grudge, or our own insecurity that is bubbling forth and it is at that moment we need to release the garbage.

4. Spiritual Garbage

Our spiritual self is naturally free of garbage.  It is a source of infinite energy and wisdom, however, most people are so heavily burdened with physical, mental and emotional garbage that they cannot connect to their spiritual self.  The sun is always shining, but the light cannot reach us if we are covered in garbage.  Indeed, one of the most exciting benefits of eliminating garbage in our lives is to be able to connect with our spiritual self on a deeper level.

Garbage Is Addictive

Many, if not all, kinds of garbage are addictive.  Junk food and sugary drinks can be addictive.  And, of course, tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, prescription drugs, and other substances can be addictive.

The negative fear-based drama on TV can also be addictive, because these scenes actually create a hormonal response in our body that can feel like “stimulus”.  Even though most of what we watch on TV is negative stimulus, for some of us negative stimulus is the only kind of stimulus we recognize.

Still others of us are addicted to giving or receiving mental and verbal abuse.  We become “stuck” in negative drama cycles where the same issues arise and repeat themselves over and over.  This is like sitting in a pool with garbage swirling around us over and over without the ability to flush it down the drain (not healthy).

Addiction, in all of its forms, is the primary cause of our willingness to continue to receive and hold on to garbage, because it forces us to take actions based on a false stimuli that is unnatural.  Once we are accustomed to getting our “fix” from garbage, we can find it difficult to find a natural source of joy, because we keep going back for more garbage.

Make Your Personal Universe Garbage Free

Most of us will be truly amazed at how different our lives are when we stop accepting new garbage and start eliminating old garbage.  By eliminating garbage, we have more time and energy to spend developing our higher faculties.

Each person has special gifts, or higher faculties, that make them feel naturally good. For some of us, it may be a creative expression like art, music, or writing.  For others, it could be community work or volunteering.  For some of us it is about connecting with nature and helping preserve the environment.  Whatever your true calling is, you are more likely to discover it without all of that garbage in the way.