“What the ancients called Prana, or Mana for the Hawaiians, or Chi in certain other cultures, in physics is called Vacuum Energy or Zero Point Energy…” — Nassim Haramein

Speaking to the 2019 Pranic World Festival attendees, acclaimed physicist Nassim Haramein delivered yet another profound message about pranic living.

In essence, his message is that Prana is an unlimited energy field that we as human beings, and indeed all life, have access to.  Not only do we have access, but we rely on this energy for survival.  Furthermore, at the quantum level, we ARE this energy.

The physical matter that comprises our body which we think of as “us” is actually a tiny percentage of the whole of what we are. As a living being, we are constantly exchanging energy with the Zero Point field.

The trick to pranic living is learning how to optimize our connection with the Zero Point field (Prana) so that we exist in peace and harmony with ourselves and others, which ultimately leads to exalted states of consciousness like joy.

The key, according to Nassim, is to open our heart….but how do we do that?

Here is the full video…

Note: He speaks slowly because he is being translated in real time.