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Do Not Eat Poop in Life

Yesterday my worst parenting nightmare came true. I would really prefer not to have the experience that I’ve had yesterday but it made me think about life actually.

Yesterday my 16-months old babies were playing in their room. We were getting ready for a big trip to the grocery store (they usually like riding in shopping carts and that’s a big deal for them). Suddenly my husband and I heard very loud coughing followed by screaming and crying. Our first thought was that one of the girls was choking on something and she could not breathe. Needless to say that our hearts sank and we ran as fast as we could into the baby room. By the time we got there everybody was crying and that was a good sign, it meant that both of our girls were breathing.

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11 Tips for Safe and Successful Summer Workouts

Summer is the best time of the year for exercise. Whether you just love being active or whether you have to exercise in order to lose those few extra pounds that can’t be camouflaged by your summer clothes, summer is still the time to work out. (For me personally both of these reasons are true :-)) From my point of view the best part about summer activities is that there are a hundred of different things that you can do outdoors and the excuse “Oh, it’s too cold to be outside” simply does not work.

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