What Is Your Life Purpose?

Your life purpose is that which aligns with the core element of your higher or true self.  Our mission in life is not to “find” our true self, but to “be” our true self.

All of us are born with certain characteristics that make us different from everyone else.  This means that we have unique abilities and strengths that make us particularly capable at fulfilling a purpose. If you are not entirely fulfilled with your life, it is because you have forgotten your life purpose.

The good news is, you are still you, and there is still time.  We can all start being our true self right away, without any training or special skills.  All we have to do is recognize and eliminate all of the distractions that keep us from being our true self.

What Is A Distraction?

Distractions are put in front of us all the time to test our resolve to be our true self.  A distraction is anything that causes you to lose faith in yourself, extracts energy from you, or seeks to control you.  A distraction prevents you from serving your highest and best purpose.  Eliminating distractions allows your true self to shine through effortlessly.

Distractions can come in the form of other people’s words and behaviors, including messages from the media (mainstream news and media is one of the biggest distractions we face).  We can also be distracted by our own self-destructive behaviors such as giving in to cravings, addictions, or negative emotions like fear, hate, anger, worry, or guilt.  Repetitive thoughts can also serve as distractions, because the highest and most useful information comes to us more subtly from within, more like a feeling instead of an actual thought.

The New Normal Is To Be Constantly Distracted

In today’s modern world of IPhones and Twitter, many of us are living our lives constantly distracted.  From my vantage point, it appears that more and more people don’t know what else to do if they are not distracted.  This is why people spend so much time on their phones chatting with friends, playing video games, surfing the web, or watching TV, because without a distraction, people feel lost because they are faced with only themselves.

Since most people have forgotten who their true self really is, or how to act based on who they truly are, they look for another distraction as a source of purpose in their life.  For many of us, to simply sit quietly alone with ourselves feels uncomfortable to the point where our true self is almost like a stranger.  Indeed, if you are constantly distracted, your true self IS a stranger, because your choice to be distracted has disconnected you with your true self.

How To Recognize A Distraction

The first step toward avoiding distractions is to recognize them.  Nearly all of the self-help and spiritual teachers in the world recommend some form of meditation, or in the case of religions, some form of prayer.  Meditation and prayer is the time of the day we set aside to practice ridding our minds of distractions.  With enough practice, we can learn how to recognize a distraction throughout our waking hours (and indeed, even while sleeping or dreaming) and learn to not give any power or energy to those distractions.

Here is the key distinction to understand: A distraction takes energy from you, it does not give any energy back, and it seeks to control you by diverting your attention away from yourself and directing you instead toward some outside person or event.  On the other hand, people and information that uplift and support your energy are not distractions, they are messengers that are there to encourage and help you to be your true self.  The former will be aggressive in its effort to distract you, while the latter will be quite passive.

Other People Are Typically The Primary Source Of Distractions

Once you become aware that some of the people in your life are distracting you from who you truly are, you might be surprised to learn how close and important these people appear to be in your life.

In some cases, people who are prominent in our lives are actually a major distraction, because we have subconsciously attracted these people to our lives to teach us a lesson.  The key is to learn that lesson!

How To Rid Your Life Of Distractions

Once you have begun to recognize the distractions in your life, you can begin to reduce or even eliminate their impact. Most of us will not be able to simply cut all of our distractions loose at once.  In many cases our distractions have evolved over long periods of time, and it can take time to rid ourselves of our distractions.

Similar to a doing body cleanse, you cannot expect to eliminate a lifetime of toxins during a three day fast.  Likewise, removing distractions does not happen overnight and often requires some fundamental changes to your lifestyle and making different choices in the future.

But I Like My Distractions!

Many people reading these words might wonder how or why they would want to give up some of what they consider to be “fun” in their lives but which also might be considered a distraction.  For example, you might like drinking at a bar, texting your friends, or watching the news.  Well, in actuality, all of the above are only distractions if they are out of balance with your true self.  Things that are fun in life should be the activities that involve people and messages that encourage you and increase your energy rather than seek to manipulate or extract your energy.

For example, if the nightly news leaves you worrying about the world, concerned about crime in your neighborhood, or afraid of what might happen with the economy, you are wasting your energy on something that is not productive toward being your true self. Anything that creates fear is a distraction.  If, instead, you spent that time honing your skills for a new career path, teaching or playing with your kids, exercising or meditating, you would find yourself with more happiness and energy than before.

As another example, if your friends are constantly texting you in attempt to pull you in to some sort of social drama, where “he said, she said, they said” become important and triggers an emotional response from you, this is a classic case of being distracted.

As you can see, by changing our attitude about some distraction in our life, we can actually convert any distraction into a positive and uplifting event if we choose to do so.  Alternatively, we can choose to ignore a distraction and stick to what we know is good for us.

The Ramifications Of Giving In To Your Distractions

If you choose not to break free from your distractions, you might find yourself low on energy throughout the day, angry, fearful, or depressed about the way life is going.  Prolonged periods of being rooted in the negative emotions that our distractions bring will eventually lead to physical illness.

Any sort of depression or emotional illness is a sign that you are not on your true path, and/or you have given in to distractions.  Negative environmental factors like low quality food, high levels of pollution, or pharmaceutical drugs, can weaken our ability to recognize and combat the distractions in our life.

Distractions and the Global Corporate Agenda

The global corporate agenda seeks to distract us from our true selves so that we will voluntarily give our energy to them.  By giving in to your distractions, you are giving away a part of your free will, and the most likely beneficiary will be the global corporations and governments that serve them.  To prove this, let’s start with the biggest distraction of them all – the mainstream media.

First we must accept that the vast majority of all mainstream media is one big distraction.  How can we be certain of this?  First, very few if any of the events covered in the mainstream media have any direct effect on our lives.  Yes, there might be a killer loose somewhere but does that mean we should invest an hour of our time to live in fear while we learn about it?  From my vantage point, the vast majority of the information presented by the mainstream media breeds fear, lack, jealousy, and a variety of other negative emotions, and we know that these types of emotional responses are distractions by definition.

One of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of distractions you face is to stop tuning into the news, ads, reports, or any mainstream media at all.  By simply turning the media off, you will notice a great weight lifted from your being, like a thorn being pulled from your soul.  The time you would normally spend watching TV can now be better spent going within, determining what is missing in your life, and making choices towards those ends.

You might wonder how people in positions of power feel, since they have immeasurable wealth, yet have achieved their success through the manipulation of others or through very greedy or selfish means.  The answer is that these people are either not capable of the higher emotions of love, compassion, and gratitude like most of us are, or they are sufficiently determined to repress their true selves in favor of the lower desires for wealth and power.

It may be hard to understand for many of us, but from my vantage point, there are people in the world who are biologically different from the rest of us, and they do not have the same moral fabric that we do.  These are the people who generally comprise the fabric of the global corporate agenda and who serve positions of power all over the world (both in private and public sector roles).

This topic alone could fill another book, so I will not dwell on it here.  But just because others can be ruthless in their pursuit for material wealth, does not mean that is the only way to be successful in life or in business.

In fact, for most of us, this form of pursuit serves to distract us from discovering our higher purpose so that we never truly feel fulfilled. Especially today, with the advent of internet and social media, we can build our own movement, networks, groups, or businesses while essentially bypassing the institutional barriers imposed by the global elite.

Unfortunately, the corporate mantra is “do what it takes to win” which implies that any type of behavior is OK, as long as it is legal or as long as they won’t get caught (or, in the sickest terms, if the net present value of expected profits is greater than the expected penalties from getting caught, it is easy for corporations without ethics to commit crimes, particularly when profits come first and penalties are paid later).

This is why the top levels of corporations tend to attract the people who either do not have a conscience, have suppressed their conscience, or who are sufficiently distracted from who they truly are to the point where they are willing to serve the corporate agenda without knowing or caring.

This is why part of MY agenda is helping people free themselves from the corporate entanglement and instead form dynamic groups and networks that are capable of maintaining a high moral ground, even while they find sustainability in a free market environment.

Why Eliminate Distractions?

If you think of yourself like a musical instrument, the music you play will not be in tune if you continue to give in to distractions – your strings will fray, you will play out of tune, you will deliver distortion.

If you think of your life like a song, to be played by yourself, a song full of distractions will sound more like noise than music.  You have to ask yourself, does your life feel like noise or music?

A life without distractions is one that feels uplifting, pure, whole, and light.  Under these circumstances, you can achieve goals, intentions, and attract synchronicities with far more success.  Without distractions, you can tune in to your higher self, raise your frequency, and, by extension, make positive change in your community and the world as a whole.

Distractions and the Pursuit of True Wealth

Personally, it helps me to remember that only by removing my distractions will I be truly rewarded with inner fulfillment AND material success.  From my vantage point, it is OK to have money and all of the freedoms that come with material success, but you will not achieve inner peace AND material wealth if you are not in tune with your true self.

When you are living your life as your true self, having money becomes an afterthought, because money is a currency that flows naturally to those people who act based on their highest purpose.

The Grandeur Of A World Free Of Distractions

Being your true self does not necessarily mean you have to change jobs, get a divorce, or change anything immediately in your life. What it does mean, is that you need to stay more present and make an effort to do your best in every situation to project a positive attitude.

By displaying a positive attitude toward the people and things you do in life, you are already in a better place than if you let yourself feel and project negative emotions.  By expressing a positive attitude you will start to discover who or what is a true distraction based on their reaction to your positive attitude.  Do not “try” to be your true self; simply wait and listen, and your true self will emerge on its own.

If you continue to project positive attitudes day in and day out, and gradually give less and less of your energy to distractions, new opportunities will arise in your life that may lead to a much more fruitful and profitable path than the one you are on now.  A positive attitude is one of the only weapons we have to defend ourselves against distractions, and indeed is the main asset we can all tap into to guide ourselves toward a higher path in life without spending money or energy trying to obtain it.

If you are unsure about your true self, or how to be you, remember that the truth can never come from outside of yourself, only from within.  Anyone who tries to offer you a form of truth may actually be a highly evolved form of distraction.  Our real teachers in life do not impose information or ideas on us, they seek to stimulate and encourage our own ideas.

Over time, we can gradually work at giving less of our time and energy to our distractions.  The closer in line we are with our true selves, the fewer distractions we will eventually face, until finally every thought, action and reaction is a result of our true selves being actualized.

Being our true self will put us in the best position to assist others in finding their true selves and assisting them along their path.  If we all lived in this way, we would create a harmonious society in which people are not scavenging over what are perceived to be limited resources but instead sharing the true wealth and bounty that our Earth and Universe naturally provide.

How To Apply This Article To Your Life

Turn off your television for 30 days.

Instead of watching TV, find a quiet place and spend 5-10 minutes with yourself.  Ask the question in your mind “what can I do that would be most beneficial right now?”  Just listen quietly for the answer.  In most cases, within a few minutes, you will feel an inspiration – it might be to go for a walk or a run, it might be to just sit there and meditate for an hour, it might be a sudden desire to write, paint, or draw.  Whatever it is, do it and enjoy it!

Throughout the next 30 days, keep a list of distractions or moments of distractions that seem to suck your energy, leave you angered, hurt, frustrated or sad.  Just keep a written list of these moments as you go about your day.