Coronavirus Immunity


It’s impossible to avoid news surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, so what we need to do is confront it. How does a meditation community like ours respond to such a challenging situation?

Two weeks ago, we published Coronavirus Meditations and Prayers where we featured a selection of meditations to help raise awareness and send positive energy to those in need.

In this article, I will offer some tips for coronavirus immunity based on my limited perspective and some thoughts and theories about the future impacts on our society.


Nothing in this article should be considered health or medical advice. The author is not a health professional. You should seek professional health advice if you feel any symptoms from the coronavirus. Use this information at your own risk.

Coronavirus Immunity

Apart from the obvious things like keeping your hands clean, cell phone clean, avoiding touching your face, etc. there are really only two ways to protect ourselves from the coronavirus – social distancing, and maintaining a strong immune system.

Social distancing requires us to stay away from public gatherings, including restaurants, gyms, public transit and other group settings. In other words, if you CAN stay home, stay home. At least until infection rates level off and start declining.

Coronavirus immunity is slightly more complex. With a wide variety of opinions available out there, I will offer mine. I have followed the same strategy for staying healthy during every flu and cold season for at least 20 years and it has always worked for me:

  • As soon as I feel any kind of tickle in my throat, sniffle, headache, weariness, or anything else unusual I take large doses of both Vitamin C and Echinacea. I try to take three healthy doses of Vitamin C and Echinacea per day (at least double the recommended dose).
  • I drink lots of tea (ideally with lemon) and water.
  • I get as much rest and sleep as I can. Sleep is so important for immunity building, yet, so many people think a medication will help them more than simply getting extra sleep.
  • Once I feel better, I stop taking the Vitamin C and Echinacea so my body can re-establish a natural balance.
  • Note this immunity building strategy works best if you start taking Vitamin C and Echinacea immediately when you feel anything unusual. I cannot overemphasize this point. If you wait hours or days until you are already sick with cold or flu, recovery time will be much, much longer and this coronavirus immunity building suggestion may not even help.
  • In situations where I have gotten sick (rare), it’s time to talk to The Source. I play this healing music, and practice filling my body with healing light while I lay down resting. I try to do this for at least an hour or two, not “5 minutes”. Just imagine filling your whole body with powerful healing light as the music plays.
  • Most people who catch the coronavirus will recover, however, older people or people with compromised immune or respiratory systems are at FAR higher risk of getting seriously sick with Covid. If you are one of these people, you should take extreme precautions.
Other Coronavirus Preparations

It seems toilet paper has become the thing that everyone wants to hoard, but in my mind, I’d much rather have extra food. Depending on your situation, you might also need extra bottled water and other basic supplies. The reason to have extra food is not necessarily because the food supply will be disrupted but because when the general population panics, they will buy all the food that becomes available. Most supermarkets are not designed to supply a month’s worth of food for the surrounding population if everyone buys extra at once. Better to have extra food on hand now than wait until stores are empty or face rations later. I generally don’t support “hoarding” critical supplies like masks and disinfectants.

If you do buy extra food, buy things you will eat anyway and slowly start to eat through your supply. What you don’t want is a supply of food you never wanted to eat in the first place – it will just sit there and you will probably never eat it.

Economic and Financial Effects

The economic effects are likely to be severe. We’ve already had most of China, a country of over 1 billion people, shut down for several weeks. Now dozens of nations are closing major events and restricting travel. Hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and tour agencies will all suffer greatly – not a 10% to 20% reduction in sales like most recessions, but a 50% – 80% reduction in sales. With people staying home in general and so many events cancelled, overall economic activity will decline swiftly and severely. Even if things are back to normal in a month or two, a decline in momentum could cause a global economic recession.

We have already seen steep sell offs in stock and commodity markets and this may continue until economic activity returns to normal. Unfortunately, our economic system is not very resilient to an ongoing reduction in economic activity. Loan payments are still due no matter what the circumstances bring. Depending on how long this disruption lasts, some businesses will go bankrupt. And while central banks are likely to support some measures of bailouts and added economic stimulus, not every small business can be bailed out. The knock off effects will be long lasting as economic reports start showing how business revenues across the world are suffering.

Conspiracy Theories

Of course, there are lots of theories out there about why this is happening and what will happen next. One of the theories that has been circulating is that world governments are conspiring to get us all into a lockdown situation so they can exert totalitarian control over all of us, turning our society into some sort of permanent quarantine where we must do as our armed enforcers tell us.

I, for one, don’t believe this theory. I think “most” elected members of our government are genuinely concerned about our welfare and are taking whatever measures they can based on the info they have. That doesn’t mean our elected leaders are acting “perfectly” or that there won’t be mistakes and misjudgments, but I don’t believe some evil mastermind group is going to use this situation to end free civilization for all eternity.  I think our existing economic system of debt slavery already achieves what the nefarious actors in our society want.  In many ways, this virus works against those ends.

I am also not saying there aren’t any nefarious actors involved with the coronavirus – for example, was the coronavirus “man made” in a lab? Possibly. Was it intentionally or accidentally released into the public? I don’t know. I am sure there are numerous alternative theories about how bad this could get, who might have started this, and what will happen next. My advice is to ignore all of these theories and just do the best you can to stay healthy at home in the coming weeks and months.

World Prognosis

Despite the gloom and severity of this situation, I believe humanity will overcome this event. It might even solidify us more as global society, by increasing levels of compassion and cooperation across the world as we all face a similar threat. Maybe this virus will teach us that other nations are not our enemies – that the only thing most of us want is to live in health and in peace with each other. Maybe this will help teach us what is really important in life – not chasing the next fancy gadget – but appreciating our breath, our loved ones, and the simple things in life.

I’ll leave you with this final bit of wisdom: This too shall pass.