In Part 1 we discussed 5 ways to hack the matrix. Here we describe how the matrix works through complexity, not simplicity.

The more complex our society becomes, the harder it is to tell right from wrong, good from evil. This is precisely what the matrix wants – it wants and needs complexity in order to fool us into serving it. When we better understand how the matrix works, we can learn to break its grip on our reality.

Let’s look at some examples…

Health care and diet are great examples, especially in light of everything that is happening today. “Health care”, as it is defined by doctors, academics, researchers and other “experts” has become a very complicated matter. You see, eating right and exercising is just too simple. It must be more complicated than that. So, as a result, we have hundreds of different prescription drugs to treat thousands of different conditions and diseases. Modern “health care” would prescribe 5 different drugs to treat 5 different symptoms, plus two more to treat the side effects of those drugs.  Experts assure us that vegan, keto, carnivore, caveman and numerous other diets are the key, but experts on one diet vehemently disagree with the experts on the other diets. We eat one food because it is high in calcium and another that is high in protein, rather than simply eating a balanced diet comprised of what grows locally in our gardens as people had done for hundreds of years.

Out of all of the complexity and confusion in health care, major pharmaceutical companies make billions in profits. But they haven’t made the general population any healthier. The increased complexity of health care may have technically increased life expectancy, but it has not prevented an explosion in cancer, heart disease, autism, down syndrome and other chronic ailments. While it’s true that people live longer today than centuries past, studies show that most of that improvement came from having easy access to clean water, reliable shelter, and abundant food, not from advances in pharmaceuticals. If we just simply ate real food, locally grown, and exercise daily we could just keep it simple. But if it were so simple, imagine how much money would be lost by those who stand to gain from the complexity? The matrix wants and needs complexity. There is no money to be made if things are simple.

Now let’s look at the tax code. The tax code in the US is over 2500 pages long, with appendices of over 50,000 pages full of descriptions and interpretations. It is one of the most complicated arrangements one can imagine. No average person can understand it. It requires many years of study to interpret, and in many cases, requires a specialist to figure out the finer points. Many tax situations linger in a grey area that are subject to bureaucratic interpretation. So not only do we pay our taxes, we have to pay an enormous social cost just to interpret the tax code. If you are a salary worker, a lot of this complexity is handled by your employer, but if you are a small business, it can be quite onerous and expensive to figure out how much tax is due.

BUT, if you are super wealthy, you can use all the complex loopholes to largely avoid paying tax. Many of the world’s largest corporations and most high net worth family offices are structured to avoid paying their fair share of taxes and do so entirely within the law. They achieve this by using the complexity of the tax code to their advantage. Once again, it is through this complexity that the average person is disadvantaged relative to the groups who are willing and able to navigate the complexity.

So the matrix talks to us using complexity, while God or Source talks to us through simplicity. Look at the Golden Rule “do unto others and you would have them do unto you” – very simple, very short, very concise, only 11 words long, yet eternally meaningful.

Spiritual living is meant to be simple. Truth is simple, while lies hide in the complexity with the goal of diverting our energy to foolish endeavors which favor the elite class. The question of how to eliminate all of this complexity and return to simple living is an important one. At this stage of our evolution, our immediate goal should be to keep our own life as simple as possible, and not get drawn in to complexity that is fabricated by the matrix to deceive us.