Eating too much food can be a burden on the human body.  We have been trained to eat three meals a day, plus snacks and drinks, and then we wonder why obesity has become one of the leading health disorders.  And in this age of fast food on every corner, it has become easier and easier to overeat.

To top it off, many of us work at a desk and/or don’t exercise like we did back in the days of hunting and gathering or farming.  In most cases, our body simply can’t process all that food, which makes our whole system stop working correctly.

Fasting has been used throughout the ages to give the body a “rest”.  During that rest period of no food, our body can start eliminating toxins, cleansing organs, and rejuvenating at the cellular level.  Often if we have some sort of illness or health challenge, a fast can work wonders!

There are also many reports of extrasensory and spiritual experiences taking place while fasting.  The fasting experience will be different for everyone!

Of course there are numerous types of fasts we can do.  It is up to each of us to explore what kind of fast, and over what time frame is most suitable.

In this video, Dr. Miny Pelz does a good job describing what happens to the body when we fast.  I found it fast-inating…