Diet is such a touchy subject, I hesitate to bring it up.

However, food is the building block of life and we eat it every day, so our diet is arguably one of the most important aspects of healthy living.

There are two major types of diets that are currently attracting a lot of adherents – the vegan diet and the keto diet. While these diets are both very different, they also have some things in common. It is not as simple as “meat or no meat”, there are additional factors to consider such as sugar and carbohydrate consumption. If done incorrectly, both keto and vegan diets can do more harm than good.

In my own research it seems that avoiding refined sugar and limiting grain consumption is very important. In addition, regular exercise can go a long way toward preventing problems that a less than optimal diet might cause. In the end, we each have to judge for ourselves which diet is best for us.

Vegan Vs. Keto Diet Video

In this video, Dr. Darren Schmidt examines both vegan and keto diets from the perspective of trying to solve a very common problem called Lactic Acidosis. Although Dr. Schmidt is a proponent of the keto diet, in this video he also mentions the benefits of veganism and provides a fairly balanced overview of the two approaches.

If you are interested in learning more about these two diets and why we should be avoiding lactic acidosis, I highly recommend watching this video.

Additional Keto And Vegan Resources

After sifting through one of our affiliate partner offerings, I found a couple of resources that might be helpful.

Here is one of the more popular resources for those who are serious about pursuing the Keto Diet: 28 Day Keto Challenge

Here is a comprehensive resource for vegan and raw diets: Kristen Suzanne’s Raw Food Recipes