It’s hard to imagine any bright side to this coronavirus pandemic.

People are sick and dying.

Everyone else is in self-quarantine.

Local shops and businesses are closed.

Cops are busting moms for playing with their kids in the playground.

Financial markets are in shambles.

Borders are closed.

When I asked myself “WHY?”, what occurred to me during my walking meditation is that this event will bring about some major changes that are actually much needed.

First of all, we will all have an increased appreciation for things we took for granted – meeting up with our friends, traveling abroad, dining out, going to work.

Second, we are all making due with “less” – less consumption, less stimuli, less hurrying around – more down time, more time to do things we have been putting off, more time to be creative and less time in traffic!

Additionally, we are giving Mother Nature a nice breather, as the Earth and its species struggle to feed and provide for us all, despite our hyper destructive ways, it may do some good to give the forests, oceans, sky and soil a much deserved breather.

And finally, each of us individually can see what changes we can make for the better. Perhaps getting let go from your job was a blessing in disguise, as it opens up new opportunities. Perhaps learning to live without restaurants has made you a better cook!

Perhaps some other kind of epiphany struck you as you sat there bored out of your mind… there is always a silver lining, the darkest hour is before dawn, and may we all rise from this situation as better people.