We are all familiar with the word “free”.  

If something is free it does not cost us money.  But everything we do costs time.  

And therein lies the biggest fallacy we are taught from birth:  we are taught to work to earn money, but we are not taught about the value of time.  

We are not taught that time is the only thing that matters in life, and we are born with a finite supply of it.  We can not easily “buy more time”.

We’ve all heard this type of message: “Hey, read this book, it’s free.”

Well, no, your book is not free. It will cost me time to read your book.

And so we have to realize that nothing in life is free, everything costs time.

Many of us, myself included, spend a lot of time on Facebook, we spend time watching TV, we spend time on Twitter.  It is easy to spend time doing these things because they are “free” or almost free.

But what about our time? When we are old, will we wish we had spent more time on Facebook?  Will we wish we had more money in the bank?   If not, what will we wish we had spent more time doing?  

This is the type of question that can lead to much greater realizations about life and, hopefully, lead us toward a more fulfilling and higher quality of life.  Take a moment to consider the top 10 “free” things you would spend more time doing if your time was more valuable than money.  

Here’s my list:

  • Time in nature
  • Laughter
  • Being With People I Love
  • Helping/Serving others
  • Teaching
  • Dancing/Singing/Painting
  • Exercise
  • Gardening/Planting
  • Traveling
  • Reading/Writing