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Saying Yes to Change: an interview with Alex Blackwell

Change is an essential part of life balance because you can’t grow as a person without changing your habits, lifestyle and your attitude. However, making that change is not always easy.
The first, and most difficult, step is admitting that you were wrong. If the change involves only you then this first step is not too bad (for example, if you know that you need to lose weight you can admit that your diet previously wasn’t the best choice.) However, admitting that you were wrong in a relationship, in your attitude at or towards work as well as many other life situations becomes increasingly more difficult.

Balanced Body

Reclaiming Your Body Confidence

There are very few things worse than constantly feeling unhappy or even ashamed of your body. I personally have very few friends who can say that they are 100% satisfied with their bodies. There is always something that needs to be changed. Something that needs to be trimmed. Something that needs to be added.

It’s not surprising that weight loss, diet and fitness industries are still growing rapidly today. However, what is the purpose of being in good shape? What is the real motivation for many people to achieve their peak form? Why are they willing to try any (even most insane) diet and workout regimen out there after their attempts have already failed several times?