Since the pandemic began over one year ago we have watched human rights and freedoms come under attack.  It’s been unlike anything the so called “free world” has ever experienced before in history.  People have been confined to their homes under lockdown orders, businesses have been closed, protesting voices have been censored. There is a very long list of atrocities.

All of these restrictions have been imposed under the guise of compassion – it’s all about “saving lives”, “protecting others” and “doing the right thing” to “flatten the curve”.

While it’s true that we have been facing a particularly dangerous flu in the coronavirus, the vast majority of people who get it recover fully, and our immune systems become stronger than ever.  Herd immunity has always been the way forward, and by most measures it appears we are almost there.

And yet tyrannical forces persist.  Clearly there is an agenda underway to vaccinate as many people as possible, using an experimental new technology that has never been used on humans before, has not undergone years-long trials as most vaccines are required to do, and is being pushed as a “ticket to freedom” (although you are still supposed to wear a mask and social distance even after you get the shot).  The manufacturers of these shots are not liable if something goes wrong.  This is a global experiment and the trials are being conducted as we speak.

We hope you do your own research into the safety and efficacy of this experimental bio technology being labelled a vaccine.  Some countries have already flagged these vaccines as too risky.  You cannot “undue” an injection once it enters your body.

The question everyone should ask is if our immune system is 99.9% effective against coronavirus, why should be gamble on an unproven bio technology?

And yet today, in Isreal, those who have not been vaccinated are being prevented from entering shopping malls, going to events, or otherwise participating in society as a free human being. It should be easy to see what is going on here, and yet, many people seem to be believe whatever the news tells them to believe.

If you are self-aware and conscious, you probably already recognize that the same groups who have been censoring information from the Internet are also pushing and promoting the vaccine.  Never in history have the “good guys” ever pushed for censorship.  The “good guys” have also never required experimental medical therapy in order to keep the population safe.

Thankfully, some pockets of resistance are emerging, however, it is clear that we must transmute the tyrannical energy that aims to strengthen its grip on humanity.  This is an internal battle as much as an external one, we must find and embrace our inner strength and light to defeat the proverbial fear and darkness that lurks within us.

To that end, this transmission from Tiara Kumara via is highly recommended.  It provides a framework for transcending tyranny using our internal power of light.  Please take a few minutes to participate and add your star power to this very important time and space.

May the force be with you!