It’s remarkable to see how polarity works in our society and the Universe as a whole. Every aspect of our universe seems to have two sides.

Light/Dark, Up/Down, Good/Evil, Male/Female, Yin/Yang, Plus/Minus, Love/Fear, Hero/Villain, On/Off, Right/Left, 0/1, Carnivore/Vegan, Democrat/Republican, and on and on.

Polarity is the cause of all conflict but it can be resolved when we understand how it works.

Polarity – often called “duality” – produces the magnetism that makes the world turn (both literally and figuratively). All of computer science, including the entire Internet, runs on a complex code of ones and zeros. There is no 1.5 or 2.3 or 9.9 at the base layer of computer code, there is only 1 or 0!

In relationships, polarity is just as clear. We have male and female, love and fear, joy and pain.

If we don’t recognize this polarity for what it is, we can get sucked into one side or the other, which sets us up for conflict. If you are firmly on “one side”, you are setting yourself up for someone or something else to be firmly on the “other side”. If you stray too far to one side of the pole, you are likely to suffer potential consequences – struggle and conflict being the main ones.

It is fine to fulfill a role on one side of an equation – such as Mother and Father – as long as you find balance with your opposing force (or partner). Only through balance is harmony achieved.

We ought to recognize the necessity of the two sides, for if we didn’t have polar opposites causing  magnetism, we would not have life! This means we have to “honor” the other side, no matter what or who it is.

Perhaps the most interesting polarity is the “you/me” polarity. Balance is achieved when we learn to accept the difference between self and other. Ascension is achieved when we no longer observe a difference between self and other – we transcend from duality (polarity) consciousness into unity consciousness. Transcending duality happens when we learn to synthesize the two sides across all spectrums of life – including the ultimate you/me duality.

In practice, transcending polarity is an individual process. This process is not easily taught, it is much more like “remembering” than learning. Transcendence requires continuously honoring your opposite for being there to push you along. This is the difference between “dancing” with your polar opposite and “fighting”. If you want to enjoy life, learn to dance.