Alan Watts’ book The Way Of Zen is a classic. Here are a few bits of wisdom I’ve already picked up from reading his book:

  1. Stop trying to be right. Right and wrong are two sides of the same coin, and YOU are the coin! The harder we try to be “right”, the more mental anguish we cause ourselves, because it is impossible to be “exactly right”. So we will never feel like we are “right enough” and that creates stress, lack, disappointment, insecurity. We should instead focus on acceptance, beingness, awareness, stillness, gratitude for the moment and embracing imperfections. And most certainly, don’t try to convince others THEY are wrong. Contrast is a necessary part of life. Find your own balance and be there. Let others be where they are.
  2. Be spontaneous. Spontaneity is the true wonder of being human. Spontaneity creates an outpouring of creativity and exalts our authentic self. Once we let the mind start to “think about it” we have lost. Now we are uncertain. We face doubt. We hesitate. We suffer. Good choices don’t require a lot of thinking, just do it.
  3. Act with conviction. Related to the previous point. Often we are faced with two (or more) choices. What we don’t realize is that EITHER choice is PROBABLY FINE. If one choice was totally not fine, it would not be in our group of choices. What is NOT FINE is trepidation, hesitation, or second-guessing. We are better off to simply choose and move into that choice with complete and utter confidence, and never look back. Never second guess. Make the best of the choice we made.