The Joker


With the recent release of the movie “The Joker”, it seemed appropriate to expand on the concept, to see what we can learn from this popular movie character.

The Joker is an archetype – it represents the challenger in your life. The Joker emerges in all kinds of fables and popular stories. The Joker archetype appears as The Fire Breathing Dragon in fantasy novels, it appears as the evil sister in Cinderella… it is the “bad guy” in countless action movies.

In real life, The Joker can emerge as a family member, your boss, the school yard bully, or that jerk on the bus. As conscious masters we all have to learn how to deal with The Joker. Because without The Joker, life would be… boring!

Normally, The Joker is associated with low vibration energy – greed, jealousy, fear, hostility, guilt, etc. The Joker is often there to test our resolve, push our buttons, challenge our morals, break down our joy.

Many times, we don’t even realize we are dealing with The Joker because we have been conditioned to accept him or her in our life. In such cases, The Joker becomes part of us.

One mistake that is easy to make when dealing with The Joker is to blame him or her for our problems. The Joker is not to blame. The Joker is fulfilling a role that, on some level, you requested or attracted for a reason. The particular way The Joker manifests in your life is the result of your own behavior.

Depending on where we are in life, the lessons delivered by The Joker will be different. In our teenage years, we might have to deal with social insecurities – The Joker is the cool kid who won’t be your friend, the guy dating the pretty girl you wish you could date, or the rich kid that has the nicest car. As we get older, The Joker could emerge in our spouse, our boss, business partner, or some other important person in our lives.

Critically, The Joker needs your energy to survive. For example, if you simply ignore the jerk on the bus, what happens? He eventually shuts up. But, if you provoke him, the entire situation escalates, and now you are being emotionally drawn in, and drained of energy, which is precisely the goal of The Joker.

Love and forgiveness is the appropriate response to The Joker’s role in your life, as difficult as that may sound. However, this does not mean you need to take abuse from The Joker. You need to see what it is The Joker is trying to show you, you need to see the part of yourself in the The Joker. Just like in the fantasy novels, The Joker is there to prevent you from finding the pot of gold, the Philosopher’s Stone, the Fountain of Youth. These prizes are symbols for truth, knowledge, and understanding.

So when The Joker appears in your life, do not despair. He or she is primarily a messenger with a lesson. In order to defeat The Joker, look at what attributes in yourself could be changed that would make The Joker irrelevant. And if you can, you ought to laugh at The Joker. For in his very name lies his greatest weakness.