Elon Musk, Founder of Tesla and Space X, recently spoke about the idea that we we may be living in a “virtual reality”.

Elon made the argument that if we assume any rate of advancement in artificial intelligence, it is not a matter of if, but when we would no longer be able to distinguish “real” reality from artificial reality.

He proposed that even given a very slow rate of advancement, it would take less than 10,000 years for humans to develop such technology, which is a tiny amount of time given the scale of the universe and the age of its stars and planets.

Many other scientists are giving weight to the possibility that we are living in a virtual reality right now, since it appears (according to quantum physics) that reality requires our observation in order to take form. As mind boggling as it sounds, “stuff” does not exist in an organized way until you observe it.

The question that quickly arises is, “How do we know if we are living in a virtual reality?”, and furthermore, “Is our reality being controlled by a more advanced form of intelligence without our knowledge?”

The idea that another intelligence may be guiding our reality for their own motives seems to contradict the idea that “we create our own reality”.  We may never know the answer, but believing in the latter concept is far more fulfilling and rewarding than believing in the former, even if it’s wrong!

A Multidimensional Reality

My current philosophy is that the reality we experience with our five senses is only part of the entirety of our reality, and our physical body is only part of our whole “Self”.

What we consider to be the “real world” exists in the 3rd dimension.  The third dimension is where physical matter resides, with mass and form.  But the rest of our Self and our reality spans across 15 dimensions. These dimensions are represented in the Tree of Life and other geometrical and mathematical representations that hold hidden truths about the nature of our reality.  Just because we can’t see these other dimensions with our eyes, doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

Depending on how we manage our “Self” in the 3rd dimension here on Earth, we can connect to higher parts of our Self that are capable of “creating” what could only be described as “magic” from our limited 3D perspective.

Time and space do not function linearly within these higher dimensions, so our consciousness, when directed properly, can inject circumstances and events into our future (or past) without observing the linear laws of time and space.

In other words, we ARE living in a virtual reality, but it is YOU (not a separate intelligence) that is pulling the strings to create the illusion that you are living through.

Indeed every aspect of your reality is simply another part of you.  This is known as the Law of One or Unity Consciousness. The key is to get in touch with the part of you that does the creating.

The Dark Side Of Oneness

Even if we believe in the Law of One, this does not mean that there aren’t “glitches”, “blockages” or “beings” that may serve a role to disrupt or “thwart” our will and desire.

When we agree to incarnate on 3 dimensional Earth, we are agreeing to dip below the surface of pure unbounded consciousness and instead be bound into a density that disconnects our physical self from our higher self.

Within and between those layers or dimensions of consciousness there may exist a wide array of negative energy that provides us with the contrast to make our game of life more challenging.  This negative energy plays the important role of challenging us to disentangle ourselves from it.

Ancient philosophers and religious doctrines used certain “myths” to describe the creation of our current reality and the nature of Self.  For example, the Myth of Sophia, the Hero’s Journey, and many other such myths.  We also see these myths play out in modern movies like Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings.

My current belief is that the teachings of ascended masters who have dwelled on Earth came to help us overcome the division and separation that leads to hostility so that we can dwell in peace and harmony on Earth. Harmony, not conflict, is the natural inclination of the human being once we get over the idea that we are in competition with everything else for survival.

We must overcome divisions in politics, religion, race, gender and other spectrums of identification, which are largely an illusion.  This illusion is perpetuated through historical patterns and media.  Media in particular, attracts more viewers when it portrays conflict on TV or through other media.  “If it bleeds it leads” is an age old phrase used by media managers and editors to decide which stories should be featured in the news.  When we see so much conflict on TV, we assume that is the way the world really is, even if, in reality, those are isolated incidents while the vast majority of humanity carries on peacefully.

If human beings acted as though we are all one, it would dramatically change the way our society evolves.  In my view, this is the “game” we came here to play, to understand that we are one with everything and use this awareness to advance human civilization toward the point where Earth and all of her species live in beautiful harmony with each other.  It may seem like we are a long way off from any form of planet-wide harmonic resonance, but sometimes change requires temporary chaos to bring about the next great awakening.