When we hold on to past relationships, past habits, past anger, past frustration or past disappointment, we are dropping an anchor so that our lives can no longer progress.

The past is like an anchor that prevents us from fully enjoying the present and from moving forward into the future.

The past keeps us thinking about yesterday, when yesterday no longer matters. What matters most is today, or more specifically, the “now moment”.

Instead we should let the past flow through us like water under the bridge.  What’s done is done.

Try Starting Over Again – Every Day

Since we can’t just eliminate existing relationships with people, we can think of the people in our lives like we are meeting them again for the very first time.

How would your life change if you approached everything like it was for the first time?

Have you ever seen a dog’s reaction when you get home – he is so excited it’s like the first time he’s seen you in years! The dog is showing us how to approach life, and rid ourselves of the past.

The next time you communicate with someone, give them a clean slate. Forget about the past for that moment and see how “THIS” moment with them goes.

When we live a life full of “first times” we throw the weight of the past off our shoulders and give each moment a chance to be interesting, exciting, or different.

We can improve our relationships by thinking about the encounters with people like it is for the first time, every time.

When we let go of the past, we cut away the anchor that is holding us back and fully appreciate the moment.