Safety is something we can all relate to. Nobody wants to feel “unsafe”. At the same time, life is full of risks. Everything we do has some measure of risk. Life will not ever be completely safe.

Unfortunately, today’s society seems to prioritize safety over everything else. Kids today are not allowed to do so many of the things kids in previous generations did, all because of “safety”.

Even colleges have set up “safe spaces” where students go, I don’t know, to feel safe from whatever it is they are afraid of “out there”. More and more people give their kids a phone or a tablet to entertain them because it is a “safe” activity.

Over the years with television, we all watch scary programs and movies. Even the daily news is basically a scary movie that highlights all of the bad things that happened that day. Television and other forms of mass media makes us think life “out there” is truly dangerous. And since fear and danger attracts viewership and ad revenue, it becomes a self-reinforcing tool to promote fear at every possible chance, under the guise of keeping everyone safe.

And now with Covid, safety has taken on an entirely new dimension. Many people seem to think it is “unsafe” to walk around without a mask on. It’s supposedly unsafe to congregate in large groups, but small groups under 6 people is OK.

Let’s be clear about one thing: our desire for safety comes from fear. Fear is the only reason anyone would do anything for safety. And fear is always the number one thing we all have to confront as human beings. Do we take a risk to improve ourselves, take a risk to achieve something, take a risk to try something new, or do we “play it safe”?

Living in fear is the most horrible human state imaginable. Living in fear is in direct opposition to living free. Real freedom is not the freedom to roam about, or to make your own choices, real freedom is freedom from fear. If we are living in fear, are we really living? Fear prevents us from truly exploring this wild world of ours and truly enjoying its splendor. Greatness does not come from living in fear. We were not here to be afraid, we are not here to be safe.

And yet, all of the rules and laws to keep us “safe” simply encourage us to remain mediocre, to follow orders, to stay comfortable, to stay alive. So how safe do you really want to be?