Someone on Facebook recently asked “How do you know if you are an Old Soul?”

The question made me stop and think.

I will attempt to answer this question in a minute, but first, we need to address the idea that Old Souls are somehow better than Young Souls.

One Facebook commenter even made a sarcastic remark – “Is being an Old Soul some sort of self-appointed spiritual endowment that the rest of us aren’t blessed enough to have?”

In my opinion, Old Souls are not better than Young Souls, they are different.

Old Souls, Young Souls, and Oneness

But, “If we are ALL ONE”, we might ask, “how can Old Souls really be distinct from Young Souls”?

While we are most certainly ALL ONE, we are each a unique expression of that Oneness.  That’s what makes our experience interesting.  We are born into separation from Other in order to remember and experience Oneness with Other. The sooner we realize our inherent connection with everything and everyone the sooner our lives will feel more enjoyable.

It is possible that the whole idea of Old and Young Soul is an illusion that is meant to arouse us into particular behaviors in order to fulfill our life mission.  For example, by believing I am an Old Soul, it makes me want to act like one, which is exactly what my Higher Self wants me to do, regardless of whether I really am an Old Soul or not!  Beliefs always supersede “reality”, in other words, what we THINK is real, is far more important than what IS real.  What IS real is that everything is basically a quantum soup and we are making life up as we go along.

What Is An Old Soul?

The idea of an Old Soul is often considered to be one who has lived many lives on Earth.  However, many sources indicate that Old Souls can be from other parts of the Universe, and that they bring their wisdom and soul/spiritual frequency by incarnating here on Earth for various purposes. For example, an Old Soul may come to Earth at this time in order to anchor the ascension timeline of Planet Earth, and/or to help humanity awaken into a more advanced form of evolution.

If something about the idea of being an Old Soul resonates with you, you probably are one. Some books I have read distinguish between Old Souls, Starseeds, Indigos, Wanderers, and other unique types of beings and entities.  Whether or not you really are one of these special types of entities doesn’t matter as much as what you believe you are.

The Benefits Of Being An Old Soul

Old Souls come in to a human experience with certain differences.  Among those differences is a certain type of wisdom.

Think about the word “old”, and now think about your grandparents.

What do your grandparents have that young kids don’t have? Wisdom.  That’s what you get with age – you get wisdom.

So while young souls might be out there in the world acting like a teenager, chasing after status symbols, chasing after job titles, and watching garbage on TV, Old Souls might look at a lot of that stuff and have no interest because they know better.  They have been there and done that.

The Challenges Of Being An Old Soul

Being an Old Soul here on Earth is by no means easy.  Old Souls generally have a hard time fitting in with the social norms of society.  Old souls probably don’t care about most of the things other people seem to care about.  We don’t understand why people act the way they do.  We might struggle with taking orders, making friends, being social, being “normal”.  If we do try to live a “normal life” we might find ourselves deeply unhappy.  This creates potential pitfalls for Old Souls, especially if they have no understanding or perspective on what it means to be an Old Soul.

Old Souls are often outsiders.  We don’t fit in, and if we try to fit in, our life sucks. Usually it is only by embracing our uniqueness that we actually find joy from our role as an Old Soul.

There are many Old Souls who do not know they are Old Souls and therefore struggle with life.  Society is not kind to Old Souls, since we are conditioned to forget who we are and ignore our dreams, passions, and inner calling.  But this is changing.  Slowly but surely our society IS evolving and awakening.

Old Souls Are The Grandparents Of The World

Old Souls are the grandparents of the world who sit in the rocking chair and try to hold peace and wisdom on the planet while the parents and the kids of the world squabble and struggle and try to get ahead.  Occasionally, we might try to step in and break up the conflicts that youngsters inevitably engage, but mostly we just sit and watch and try to enjoy the ride. If we are really thriving as Old Souls, we keep a slight smile on our face all the time, even as we watch Younger Souls do some horribly unwise things.

It often pains an Old Soul to see the world the way it is, with the violence, the environmental damage, the stupid TV shows and the Rolex watches, while other people starve.  Think how grandparents feel when they watch their grandkids fight and squabble and cry… they think kids are silly and immature and squabbling for no reason.  They hope and pray that they will “learn”, and deep down, they know that they will learn, eventually.

Furthermore, Old Souls know they are Old Souls.  Young souls probably don’t even ask the question.

How Does A Young Soul Become An Old Soul?

Young Souls probably chose to come in here as Young Souls, to feel that particular life role for whatever reason.  It’s possible they may choose to activate more of their innate wisdom next time around – or even later on in this lifetime.  It may also be possible for an Old Soul to activate latent wisdom in a so-called Young Soul so that they experience a sudden rush of understanding they did not have before.

I find it unlikely that our souls follow any kind of linear timeline.  It’s more likely that we activate different parts of our oneness over a period of lifetimes. In one lifetime we may come in with deeper wisdom, while other lifetimes, we don’t.  In all cases, it is up to each of us to access the deepest wisdom we can in this lifetime, whether we are old or young.

Let’s be clear on one thing: the most important wisdom on Earth is available to EVERYONE, regardless of how “old” their soul might be.  In fact, in many cases, Young Souls can be better at expressing emotions like love and compassion, because they are more in tune with their instincts and emotional selves.