In the video below, Lee from Next Level Awareness discusses what it means to become a sovereign being.

Becoming a sovereign being is about learning to stand without fear and fully explore your freedom as an I AM sovereign human being.

Becoming a sovereign being starts with learning to let go of our attachments – to people, things, or really anything in the external world.

When we live in fear of any kind, we are not sovereign. To start our journey toward true sovereignty we must first increase our awareness of what we seek from others, from material objects, from the outside world, and start to realize we are not dependent on those other things or people to make us “happy”.

As we journey toward sovereignty and “true power”, we realize that what we create internally is more rewarding than what we seek externally.


Pandemic Ignorance or Universal Divine Order?

In the more recent video below, Lee provides an interesting update about how the social consciousness has become “stuck” in a Covid dreamspell, and how it may (hopefully) lead us eventually to a better outcome.

Could the Covid dreamspell be part of a global “dark night of the soul” – a requirement for a “mass awakening” into a New Earth?