What is happiness?

We all seek happiness.

But how do we get it?

How do we find it?

How do we “be” happy?

In today’s age of mass consumerism, mass media, and instant gratification, it is quite easy to look for happiness from the wrong things.

For example, TV commercials teach us to associate happiness with their products – biting into a pizza, vacationing on a beach, drinking a beer, or driving a new truck.

These activities promise happiness, but if you have ever tried any of these activities, you might notice that actual happiness doesn’t last very long, if you feel it at all.

The 7 Keys To Happiness are NOT meant to provide a “magic pill” that delivers happiness right away.

They ARE meant to help us remember what happiness really is, and remind us HOW to achieve lasting happiness.

Each Key To Happiness has a link to a guided meditation you can use as a tool to entrain your subconscious and conscious – not to SEEK happiness – but to EMBODY happiness in your daily life.

If you are interested, we also offer the entire Happiness Meditation Collection for download. Check it out here. The Happiness Meditation Collection includes all 7 happiness meditations plus a full one hour audio meditation which combines all 7 Keys To Happiness in a single meditation session.

7 Keys To Happiness

1. Self Love

Self love reminds us that happiness is not achieved from the outside, it is achieved from the inside.  Nobody can “make” you happy, only YOU can make you happy.  We cannot hope to find happiness unless and until we LOVE our self. So many of us learn not to love our self at a young age – not smart enough, not strong enough, not beautiful enough, not everything enough.  As we get older we start comparing ourselves to what we see on TV and we realize we are not rich enough, not successful enough, not good enough.  These types of thoughts do not mix with happiness but rather lead to unhappiness.

Practice Self Love with the “Self Love Meditation” – Session 1 of the Happiness Meditation Collection

2. Gratitude

Gratitude reminds us that in order to be happy, we have to be grateful for everything we have. If we are constantly seeking more, without appreciating what we have, we will never find happiness. To have gratitude is to be in a continuous state of thankfulness.  What good is it to achieve the things you “want” in life if you are not grateful when you get them?

Practice Gratitude with the “Gratitude Meditation” – Session 2 of the Happiness Meditation Collection

3. Receiving

Receiving is the third key to happiness. Receiving is not the same as taking.  Our culture makes us believe we need to take what we want based on the idea of scarcity – as though there isn’t enough for everybody.  In reality, the Universe is full of unlimited abundance, we just have to open ourselves to receive that abundance.  Like a flower that receives sunlight – flowers don’t chase sunlight, they bask in it.  In human society, we often refuse opportunities that are offered to us because we are afraid, or we feel we are not worthy.  These are false ideas.  The Universe wants us to have everything we dream of but we have to learn the Art of Receiving.

Practice Receiving with The Art Of Receiving Meditation – Session 3 of the Happiness Meditation Collection

4. Acceptance

Acceptance of who you are and your current situation is the fourth key to happiness.  When we practice acceptance, we stop needing and wanting and trying.  Acceptance is the path of least resistance.  We simply acknowledge the moment for what it is and accept it the way it is.  The opposite if acceptance is rejection, which results in negative thoughts like anger, frustration and guilt.

Practice Acceptance with The Acceptance Meditation – Session 4 of the Happiness Meditation Collection.

5. Helping Others

Helping others is the fifth key to happiness. We often don’t realize how helping others makes us feel so much better about ourselves.  Sometimes even the smallest effort to help can have a big impact on our state of mind and the happiness of others.  A smile, a greeting, a phone call – helping others doesn’t have to cost money.  The more we remain in service to others the happier we feel about who we are.

Practice Helping Others with The Helping Others Meditation – Session 5 of the Happiness Meditation Collection.

6. Positivity

Positivity is the 6th key to happiness. It sounds obvious that we should try to think positive, but we are often bombarded by negativity.  If we start our day by watching the news for example, we are opening our minds to pure negativity.  Once negativity takes root, it can fester and grow, until we start seeing the dark side of everything.  To counter this negativity, we have to work and bringing positive thoughts into our awareness.  Start by eliminating sources of negativity and make an even bigger impact by actively introducing positive ideas, thoughts and beliefs.

Practice feeling positive and watch your day improve with The Positivity Meditation – Session 6 of the Happiness Meditation Collection.

7. Letting Go

Letting go is the 7th key to happiness.  We often don’t realize it, but many of hold on to negative beliefs and fall into negative patterns.  When we learn to let go, we realize we can simply let go of the past, and whatever negative things that may have happened to us before, can be released.  By letting go, we are no longer attached to outcomes, we no longer have any expectations of ourselves or others.  We can simply be who we are in the moment.

Practice letting go of your expectations of yourself and others with The Letting Go Meditation – Session 7 of the Happiness Meditation Collection.