Throughout the ages, knowledge has always been the key to freedom, and false knowledge has always been the key to power.

When Galileo used mathematics to help demonstrate that the Earth circles the Sun and the Sun does not circle the Earth, he was considered blasphemous by the Catholic Church and was subsequently imprisoned. The idea that the Earth was not at the center of the universe was deeply opposed by the Catholic Church because it contradicted the Creationist idea that God put the Earth at the center of the Universe. This “false knowledge” was a source of power for the leaders of the time and anyone who threatened that power was to be silenced.

So, it is always worth wondering, what “false knowledge” do today’s power structures cling to that must be dismantled before humanity can take yet another giant leap forward?

There are likely to be many such “false truths” upon which our society is based that are currently causing incredible amounts of harm, injustice, and unnecessary costs to humanity. Many of these “false truths” are backed up by “fake news”. To let these false truths continue to rule the day without making an effort toward exposing them is to deny the most important aspect of who we are.

To find the false truths in our society, we need only look at where all of the power is concentrated. Today, that power is most firmly entrenched in seven main areas: banking and finance, media and education, the military industrial complex, the energy sector, the healthcare sector, science, and religion. If we look at the world’s most powerful people and organizations, most of them belong to one or more of these categories.

Below is a summary of the false truths upon which these industries thrive, so we can begin to move toward solutions. However, it is important to understand that this list does not cast blame at the people who are currently serving the old power structures. These structures were probably necessary to bring our civilization to where it is today. Now it is up to us to recognize the false truths in these structures in order to bring about a world of peace and freedom.

1. Banking and Finance – The false truth is that we need central banks and financial institutions to control the flow of capital around the world, and that it would be dangerous to allow people to freely transact directly with one another.

The truth is that our existing, highly regulated banking sector enriches the few while enslaving the many using a debt-based currency, fractional reserve banking, and off balance sheet derivatives markets. The majority of people on this planet are currently in debt, either through their own personal debts, and/or through the debts their governments owe.

2. Media and Education – The false truth is that we need to be constantly reminded about all of the crime, war, and conflict happening on the planet so we can somehow take the appropriate precautions to keep ourselves safe.

The truth is the fear-based media keeps us worried and afraid that our lives are constantly at risk, which prevents us from trusting and loving our fellow humans. The irony is the bad news repeated by the media is used to attract our attention so we can see advertisements placed by the other 6 major sectors listed in this article.

3. The Energy Sector – The false truth is that fossil fuels are the only options we have to meet the energy needs of all of the people on the planet.

The truth is that new energy devices and renewable energy technology have been around for decades and are vastly superior to fossil fuel in every way.

4. The Military Industrial Complex – The false truth is that there are so many terrorists and dictators about that we need a strong military and nuclear weapons in order to keep the peace, and we should periodically bomb people in foreign countries who attempt to upend the status quo regimes.

The truth is that the possession and use of weapons and violence do not keep the world safe, but rather inspire a counter force of more weapons and violence.

5. The Healthcare Sector – The false truth is that the only way to treat diseases is through the use of patented drugs and that prevention of disease is impossible or requires more research.

The truth is that disease prevention through natural means is not studied because prevention does not deliver any profits to the companies that fund the science and research. Most health related scientific research is funded by for profit pharmaceutical companies which are focused on delivering profitable, patentable treatments (drugs), not prevention or cures.

6. Science – The false truth is that our bodies are like machines that respond to hormones and chemicals, and if it can’t be proven by science, it does not exist.

The truth is we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and each of us is connected to the entirety of the Universe. We can consciously create the changes we want to see in the world by mastering our own thoughts, deeds, and actions.

7. Religion – The false truth is that we should only love and respect the people that believe in our version of God, and reject (or even attack) people who don’t believe in our version of God.

The truth is that we are all one and we are all constantly creating our version of the Universe. Every other person on the planet is an extension of our Self. When we reject or attack others we are rejecting an aspect of our Self.