It’s one thing to say “we are all one”. It’s another thing to feel, to know, and to experience being one with everything.

Life Is Like A Movie

The best way to understand unity consciousness is to think of your life like a movie. You are the main character in the “movie” that is your life. I don’t think too many people would dispute this idea. As the main character in your movie, you make decisions, take actions, and make observations. There is no “other” character that is more central to your life than you.

What unity consciousness presupposes is that you are also the director of the movie that is your life. You organized the cast, you wrote the contextual background, and you staged the scenes. However, you have designed the structure of the movie in such a way that you “the character” does not know that you are also the director. The reason you are not aware of the greater aspect of yourself is due to the universal architecture. It’s the way we are designed. Just because we can’t see what is on the other side of a wall, doesn’t mean something isn’t there. Some call the “director” in this analogy your “soul” or “spirit” or “higher self”. That is a simple way to look at it, although it is perhaps more subtle and complex than that with various layers or dimensions at play.

Now here is where it gets weird. When you are not aware that you are the director of your life, your real life character can get stuck in repetitive and depressing dramas. In the same way that most movies move along quite quickly, as the character advances toward his overall mission, other movies can become more like soap operas, where the same characters perform the same repetitive scenes with only a slight difference in scale or scope.

Why The Antagonists?

And just like most movies, there are always antagonists – those characters who are there to challenge us, to thwart our plans, to distract us from the goal. But just like a movie, life would be boring without these antagonists, so we put them there on purpose to make things more interesting. Who would write a movie for themselves with no drama and no evil characters? We can’t blame the antagonists for being who they are – they are there for our own benefit. And at the end of our lives, they will take a bow for their fine performance, and then you will realize you were the one who put them there all along.

Power Of Mind

What most of us don’t realize is our mind is actually a critical tool in the directing of our life. When we think thoughts, consciously or subconsciously, we have an effect on the future outcome of our real lives. This means if we think negative thoughts about a certain person, that person will “act out a response” to those thoughts that reflects the “lines” or “script” you have written for them. Indeed, all of our reality works this way – it responds to our thoughts like a movie responds to a director’s instruction, or, if you prefer, the way an orchestra responds to the director of a symphony.

Experiencing Unity Consciousness

As we become more attune to the concept of unity consciousness, we will start to see clues that it is true – that WE are the ones behind the scenes, directing everything. This is when we start to experience unity consciousness. For example, you think about a person and they call you on the phone a few minutes later. You know what someone is going to say before they say it, or you know what they are thinking even if they haven’t said anything. Something happens and you realize you knew that was going to happen. Coincidences and synchronicities become more and more common. You think something and then you see the same thing in the news a few days later. You start to notice your thoughts reflecting back to you in your reality more and more frequently until it becomes obvious that it was you who brought it on.

But what about things that seem out of your control – like the coronavirus for example? Surely you did not unconsciously create such a dangerous and destructive reality? Well, unfortunately, if unity consciousness theory is accurate, we did create what appears to be an unfortunate reality with this virus. However, normally when something bad happens it happens for a reason. It forces a change. It guides the movie of your life in a different direction. It catalyzes. And when you look back, you realize the negative event was necessary to create the next future outcome that will hopefully be more pleasant.

The thing is, just like with most video games, as we level up in our creative power, the challenges can also get more difficult. Those challenges subside when we stop trying so hard to win the game and simply enjoy the pleasure of being who we are. Winning the game often revolves around making enough money or some other arbitrary benchmark we impose on ourselves. But we aren’t here to win the game, we are here to experience the joy of being ourselves.

I am glossing over a few complexities here for the sake of brevity. In our Books and Resources section, there are two books that I recommend to help you understand the concept of unity consciousness and those are Oneness by Rasha and (particularly relevant given today’s unique challenges with the coronavirus) The Individual and The Nature of Mass Events by Jane Roberts. Enjoy!