The concept of cosmic consciousness is to access an awareness beyond the five senses. This includes extrasensory perception like intuition, telepathy, manifestation, dream time, interstellar communication, psychic healing, and many other “super powers” that humanity at large is only beginning to recognize.

While certain “masters” over the ages have pierced the veil to fully experience the wonders of cosmic consciousness, the vast majority of humans catch only glimmers of their full potential.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. We use our 5 senses to survive. Survival is still the primary concern for most of us and so we learn to rely entirely on what our senses tell us so that we can avoid danger and seek rewards. We become conditioned at a young age to seek rewards like food, water, shelter and affection, while avoiding dangers that might cause pain or suffering. As we age, the rewards we seek evolve into more abstract things like money, status, etc. Pavlov’s hierarchy of needs is well known. Yet, at the top of Pavlov’s hierarchy of needs is something called Self-Actualization. It is not really well defined, but we could say it is the thing you want when you have everything else.
  2. When we limit our lives to avoiding danger and seeking rewards, we are really at the mercy of our social culture. Humans are social creatures, and “monkey-see, monkey-do” is still a big part of how we learn to survive. If we don’t follow what everyone else is doing, we might end up in a bad place, suffering from isolation, scrutiny or other negative outcomes. So copying others is a survival mechanism. In centuries past, social culture was largely driven by religion. But today, social culture is largely driven by mass media. If the mass media says we are in danger, we are conditioned to believe it. If the mass media says we need a nice car to be happy, we are conditioned to believe that too. Mass media gives us a model of behavior to copy, so we know what to do to lower our risk of being ostracized by the majority.
  3. While the invention of mass communication is not necessarily bad, its primary use thus far been to generate profit. Profits are highest for products that have low costs and high perceived value. So high margin items are the ones that can afford advertising, and with enough money, you can convince enough people that they need your product.  Our mass communication systems are not incentivized to teach you about the things in life that are free or cost very little and will help you become your best self. Our mass communication systems are incentivized to generate profit, which is achieved by convincing you that low cost products are valuable and necessary, or to buy products that have been patented or have exclusive rights attached to them, so profits can be captured by a relatively small group of people.
  4. Money is distributed in the form of debt.  The easiest way to sell us more products we don’t need, is to lend us the money to buy them. In today’s age of hyper financialization, it is relatively easy to take on high levels of debt. The cost of taking on debt is typically more than meets the eye however, because debt comes with a claim against our future. When we take on a debt, we agree to give a third party (usually a bank) a claim on our future labor, which is a claim on our future life experience, which is a claim on us and who we are. Such claims typically limit our future choices due to fear of punishment for not paying our debts, and make us less likely to pursue non-monetary activities like art, music, dance, exercise, etc. How differently would people live if they had no debts?

The solution to the above social conditioning starts with each of us as an individual, by paying closer attention to our choices, and by using higher levels of discernment before agreeing to future claims on our time and attention.

How To Experience Cosmic Consciousness?

In order to experience cosmic consciousness, we need to open ourselves up to it. Cosmic consciousness isn’t something we try to find, it is about discovering the essential nature of who and what we are.

Meditative states, where we stop thinking about what we think we need, our worries, or our future plans, and we start tapping into the stream of the all that is in the here and now moment, is one way to help sensitize our Self to our cosmic nature.

Opening up to cosmic consciousness is similar to tuning our minds like we would tune a radio station. On one radio station, we can hear the news, on a different station, we hear great music. Our minds work similarly. We can learn to “turn the dial” of our minds to tune ourselves to the channel of cosmic consciousness. In most cases, the channel of cosmic consciousness is pure silence or the sounds of nature. However, within that silence, we can start to detect subtle messages, sensations, knowledge, and insights.

Once we are tuned in to cosmic consciousness, we can plant our intentions into the stream, like a seed planted in soil. This is how manifestation works. Adepts can plant seeds of intention and the Universe has no choice but to oblige.

Of course, we can make mistakes where we plant the wrong seeds. For example, if we have negative thoughts, or we try to take advantage of others, then the law of karma comes back at us and gives us what we don’t want, to show us how the Universe works.  The law of karma is not a mystical or magic force, it is more like a law of quantum physics.  In some ways we are like an alchemist discovering the Philosopher’s Stone, but there are plenty of ways our experiments can fail along our journey to discovery.  Failure is not bad in an of itself, it is to be expected.  It is when we behave unintentionally or unconsciously that we set ourselves up for a rough ride.

Working with cosmic consciousness is not necessarily something we do once per day, although that is a valuable practice. It is important that we try to keep in tune with the cosmic aspect of reality throughout the day, which might be as simple as catching ourselves when we have a negative thought, or becoming aware of when we have a judgmental thought. If we can stop those negative thoughts from forming completely, and insert a positive thought instead, we are less likely to cause a negative cosmic reaction in our life experience. We can also use techniques to help ensure our dreamtime is connected to higher frequency rather than lower frequency.

In future posts, we will discuss the architecture of cosmic consciousness in terms of different dimensions, and how that interrelates to our larger condition as a human being.