As we wrote previously in “Transcending Polarity”, every aspect of our universe seems to have two sides: Light/Dark, Up/Down, Good/Evil, Male/Female, Yin/Yang, Plus/Minus, Love/Fear, Hero/Villain, On/Off, Right/Left, 0/1, Carnivore/Vegan, Democrat/Republican, and on and on.

The eternal battle between the two sides to everything sows the seeds of conflict. We learn about it through movies (hero vs. villian), sports (home vs. away) and social events (us vs. the Jones’).

And we see duality expressed in politics too.

Clearly the US Election embodies duality in a major way. There is a red team and a blue team. There are even “red states” and “blue states”. And the media loves a good conflict, so it will happily beat the drums of division as loudly as possible to get people embroiled in a battle they can’t win.

The end result is one team wins, the other team loses, and there doesn’t seem to be an option where “everybody wins”.

Most of us go through life believing there are winners and losers – a zero sum game. But this is false. There are plenty of ways that group efforts can result in everybody winning, whereby the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Teamwork is a clear example – three people working together can achieve several times more than a single person working alone. Problems occur when one team is positioned against another team, instead of one team working for the benefit of the greater good. Elections are positioned this way, unfortunately, but as a society we have to move beyond the duality. A unified harmonious social structure is possible, but it will require a fundamental change in our values and behaviors.

Rather than waiting for everyone else to wake up and realize the trap of duality, the best path forward is for each one of us to practically apply unity consciousness and the Golden Rule to our everyday lives. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It really is that simple.  The red team and the blue team are like two arms of the same body.  You wouldn’t attack your left arm with your right arm, would you?